Maple Pecan Fat Bombs

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    • Maple Pecan Fat Bombs

      Using a coffee grinder or a food processor, make your own pecan butter for this recipe. Or use whatever nuts you like.

      Maple Pecan Fat Bombs
      Home made pecan butter *
      Cream cheese
      Butter, softened
      SF maple syrup
      Vanilla extract

      To make pecan butter, blitz a handful of pecans in your coffee grinder, pulsing so you don't overheat the motor. Add a tsp of coconut oil (or other neutral tasting oil) and whiz until you have a scrumptious nut butter. Combine this with the other ingredients, to taste - use you're cooking wits when it comes to measurements - and freeze in silicon muffin cups. You could add coconut; keep the nut butter course or smooth etc etc
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