The big picture - inferential - what does that mean for LCHF

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    • The big picture - inferential - what does that mean for LCHF

      G'day all T2 s and other interested readers,

      Sometimes we get carried away with the detail and forget the big picture, the big picture is our overall health and the detail is our test results.

      You might be thinking "I know all that I have been doing this for years" but it is time for a rethink about the key word which is INFERENTIAL testing

      A simple peek at inferential testing.

      If I diluted vinegar and put it into a BS meter strip and got a reading would that tell me how much glucose was in the vinegar. No because I did not put in blood. The question to ask is what are we measuring and the answer is an electrical property and then we INFER BS.

      Lots of other things need to be compensated for, for example temperature, because electrical properties change with temperature The strips filter and seperate some blood components and then measure an electrical property of the sample left. The electrical property of the final sample is labelled BS.

      We begin to believe the label
      After using an inferential testing device for a while we forget it is inferential and take it to be TRUE to Label all the time.

      Here is a silly example of changed conditions
      If a medical thermometer was used whille still in a plastic protective sleeve for the recommended time would the reading be accurate. Probaby not, because the thermometer infers temperature and the plastic sleeve changed the conditions (heat transfer insulation).

      Your Doctor does inferential tests too

      When you go for a check up your Doc does some tests BP etc and my Doc says, "You are fine, don't drop dead as you walk out the door."

      The results of his examination and tests can INFER you are fine but the ultimate test is you do not drop dead walking out the door. In my case, they only found my low pulse rate (I needed a pacemaker) when I got bored after I was forgotten in a waiting room for a very long time - the usual inferential testing had failed me. (Previously they only tested me when my anxiety level was high not when I was bored)

      Lab Tests and Risk Indicators
      If you have one or more indicators then you can be declared HIGH RISK For example I am over 70 and T2 therfore these things INFER that I am high risk of a heart attack, why? Because of the results of the samples studied and they INFER that anyone whos over 70 and T2 is high risk of a heart attack.

      Hardened arteries is Plaque build up
      To test for plaque build up in our arteries (reducing the diameter for free flow) they do some inferential testing including measuring blood pressure and whatever all those stick on electrodes do. Generally they do not chop out a piece of artery and hold it up to the light to see how big the hole is, they do it INFERENTIALLY.

      BTW One big issue with plaque is stroke, not only heart attack - if bits of plaque break off they can lodge anywhere causing a stroke. No one wants a stroke.

      To summarise Inferential
      If the Doc says you have all the indicators of ******** it infers that you have ******** it does not necessarily mean you have it (your Doc might send you for more tests). And the converse can be true too, you might have it without all the inferntial indicators and not be sent for extra tests. If all the known inferential tests are positive then you are declared to have *******.

      The relevence of inferential to something like a LCHF diet is simple - our Docs overall good health inferential tests have been established around a balanced diet and they may or may not be reliably INFERENTIAL when diet or other conditions change.

      Please feel free to discuss this - it is one of the most important issues related to understanding our overall health.

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