How are you managing the week from Christmas to New Year?

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    • How are you managing the week from Christmas to New Year?

      We are in the middle of the hardest week of the year so I thought I'd ask everyone how they are coping with it?

      This forum is 13 years old now and this will be the 13th Christmas since I joined. If there is going to be a week in a year, where you're most likely to totally derail, this is the week!

      Out of these 13 Christmas/New Year weeks I have not derailed once. I've celebrated purely low carb Christmas and I've also celebrated moderate carb Christmas where I have treated myself to say some roast potato or a carby salad like potato salad or a rice salad and pavlova, both have worked for me. I've never had a Christmas where I have stuffed myself or nibbled on lots of snacks and I don't drink. Usually, because I've had a heavy lunch followed by a dessert I am still full at dinner so I either skip it or have something small. I think this helps me a lot and allows me to have a treat without derailing myself.

      I think the biggest derailer is alcohol because people tend to throw caution to the wind when it comes to food but I don't have personal experience with drinking over this period so if anyone has any tips there please share as both Christmas and New Years are high alcohol days!

      But I always recommend considering if it's really necessary, atleast don't drink in excess nor on an empty stomach. Remember your body will burn alcohol first before it burns any calories that you eat.

      But with food, my tips are:

      Don't eat just because it's there, only eat if you're hungry and as Dr Atkins says; "eat until full but not stuffed".

      If you're planning on having something high carb, have it as a side not as a base of your meal that way you don't eat too much. Try to find a healthy balance of treating yourself without setting your cravings and blood sugars off because these can cause you to eat more then you planned. Keep in mind what your triggers are. Avoid snacking on carby things.

      Have a low carb breakfast to give your blood sugars a steady start to the day.

      If you're hosting Christmas, plan it so you won't have too many carby things leftover, and send people home with desserts if you have a lot leftover.

      Only have high carb things on Christmas if you think you can handle it, if you're just starting this may be a bad time to experiment, we have lots of yummy low carb desserts that you can make here, you don't have to feel deprived on Christmas. For the first few years or more I stuck to low carb desserts, cheesecake was my best friend but sometimes I may have treated myself to a couple of pieces of roast potato or a small amount of carby salad, it's the desserts that were most likely to set me off. Bread will set me off too but I don't eat it anyway.

      This is probably my favourite low carb cheesecake which I know quite a few old timers still make on Christmas:

      Low Carb Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

      I realise Christmas has just been, sorry I only thought of writing this post now whilst reflecting on my own Christmas but these tips apply to New Year celebrations aswell!

      Good luck! :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Thank Sherrie for the tips and advise. I think that for a lot of people - me included, a Christmas lunch of prawns , cold meat and salads make it easy to remain true to low carb. I made low carb desserts for everyone - and no one was none the wiser.
      I agree with the alcohol thing - I would rather eat then drink and while I do enjoy a drink once in a blue moon, I just don't NEED to.
      As we have said before as long as Christmas day indulgences remain just that, for the day ,and doesn't turn into a week of overeating.
      Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks
      Less of me - more of life !
    • Quiet here, so no leftovers. My birthday is the 30th December - always a temptation - but I don't drink much and this year I'm going to Paleo cafe So I'm pretty safe. And making my own LC cheesecake for afterwards.

      I had a bit of potato salad and some pretzels, but that was it. I'm surprised actually that I didn't derail more.
    • Thanks for this Sherrie. I have to admit though that I broke every rule/tip (except too much alcohol) - the last few days have been SOOO BAD that I cant even remember it all!!! =O

      Fingers crossed that it hasn't brought on too many sugar and carb cravings....

      Im not long home so Im not sure what else is in my house - Im sure theres still some rubbish here, but it will be reducing back to normal at least over the next few days.

      We are all a little bit broken - but that's ok.
    • If you've been pretty bad I would stop now and get straight back on. The longer you leave it the worse it gets and then there's New Years coming up and by then your cravings will be so all over the place.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hubby and I hosted Christmas lunch this year so no worries at all with the food options!

      For 6 people we had prawns followed by rack of lamb with roasted truss cherry tomato, capsicum, onion and garlic on a bed of rocket with a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Desert was a choice of my LC brownies or my mum in laws low sugar pav. Cheese and greens to wrap it up with some sparkling wines. Sounds like allot but we started at 11:30 and did not finish until 5pm so there was no need for dinner.

      Boxing day on the scales saw a weight loss of 200g. I'm happy with that!!

      We had a quiet new year with hubbies work commitments at the aged home so tonight we will have our meal out. I hope there is confit duck or pork belly on the menu :P
    • Well the original recipe called for 1 and a half cups of castor sugar. She reduced it to 3/4 of a cup which is still allot and could be cut back more. This of corse is my opinion because I just don't like to taste of allot of sugar.

      The pav is very crunchy and I asked her how to achieve this with a possible further reduction of sugar. She said he grandmother gave her the recipe and the trick is to make sure you thoroughly mix in the sugar in at a rate of 1 tablespoon at a time, no more, during prep. Yes it takes longer but she swears it works.

      Then once the pav has finished baking, turn the oven off but leave the pav in the oven to cool. Guaranteed crunchy she says.

      Also she pops the double cream, whipped in a bowl with NO SUGAR on the table and we all help ourselves to that and the optional chopped fruit.

      I will ask her for the exact recipe when I see her next if you like. Perhaps I will do an experiment or two!
    • I'm back! I am on holidays from 22nd December to 16th January so I am going all hell for leather on LCHF - no more tempting biscuits at work, no more stress eating from work!

      Hope you are all well.

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    • I won't be stressing about carbs at all.

      I'll make turkey with forcemeat stuffing at least a couple of times. There will be baked potatoes and pumpkin and brussel sprouts. I will probably do a LCHF loaded cauliflower bake as well.

      Pavlova is a certainty. I might also do coconut ice as it has been such a hit every time I've made it lately - guests can take some home with them. I might do a low-carb cheesecake for myself to try and limit the damage.

      I know the trick is not to beat myself up over it if I do slip and eat a lot of carbs, that the goal is long-term weight loss and health and a few short-term slip-ups are not worth affecting my long-term goals.
    • I like your thinking Big Bill. I think it is quite easy at this time of year, finding low carb foods, there really is an abundance of it. It's just about avoiding all those pesky snacks. Roses chocs, licorice allsorts, chips, etc etc which I need to control myself with. Here is my suggested food list that I will be sticking to.

      Roast Ham, Turkey, Beef
      Kabana and cheese (no cracker)
      Lots of water
      Diet sodas

      Lot's of family catch up's to keep my mouth busy haha

      I hope everyone has a grand christmas!
      SW: 114KG (28/06/17)
      CW: 114KG
      GW: 85KG

      Goal One: 105KG (31/7/17)
      Goal Two: 99KG (1/9/17)
      Goal Three: 90KG (1/11/17
      Final Goal: 85KG! (24/12/2017)