Gelatin Creams

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    • Gelatin Creams

      One of my favorite treats is Gelatin Creams.

      My simplest one:

      Make in a 2-cup jar with a screw-top lid.

      1 rounded tablespoon of beef gelatin granules, stirred into approx. 1/4 c. room temperature water. It will swell and make an odd-looking sludge.
      Add hot (almost boiling) water, filling jar approx. half full.

      Mix well, making sure all gelatin dissolves.

      Let cool to room temperature.

      Add desired sweetener. I use whole-leaf stevia extract.
      If desired, can add baking essences: almond, lemon, orange, anise, vanilla (Those are the ones I know of which are natural extracts. The other flavors available where I live are all artificial.)

      Add sour cream, or yoghurt, or creme fraiche, or sweet cream, either light or heavy, or any mixture of those. (Here is a thread of dairy recipes for yoghurt and other soft cheeses.)

      If you don't care for those proportions, the water could be increased and the cream decreased, or
      more cream and less water. As you like. :)

      One could add unsweetened, shredded coconut, or nuts, or anything else. I sometimes put in a raw egg yolk.

      Stir well.

      Put lid on jar and put in fridge.

      To serve: just spoon it out of the jar into a custard cup, or small bowl. Can serve with fruit, or nuts or whipped cream, or a clear, flavored gelatin, or ....


      I sometimes just make stevia gelatin, and serve it in custard cups with sour cream or homemade yoghurt on top. One could use whipped heavy cream on top of the stevia gelatin, too.

      ETA: There are lots of recipes for gelatin creams online, with a fancy name: Panna Cotta.
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