Food Science and Recipe blogs/sites you like?

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    • Food Science and Recipe blogs/sites you like?

      Here are some of the main blogs and sites I read:

      My favorite nutrition science blog is Peter Dobromylskyj's Hyperlipid. He is a veterinarian in the UK. His comments after the posts often tell exactly what I wanted to know after reading the blog post. The science is mostly beyond me, but his views are fascinating. I ran across his blog some years ago, while looking for something on gluten-free, and his blog got me started on a wondrous new-to-me direction in eating, thinking about food science, and health.

      A blog by a young woman who is a registered nurse, in the U. S., writes of her experience of eating a low carb diet, of brain chemistry, metabolism, her struggles with health, frustration with bad science, life, etc. She is very insightful, and her way of writing about her own struggles, is, I find, brave, and helpful. She doesn't always use polite language, hence an alert, in the midst of a recommendation. Her blog, The Scribble Pad. She uses the pseudonym "Wooo". I find her explanations of science quite enjoyable.

      I read papers at PubMed, and Nutrition and Metabolism, and
      Dr. Richard Feinmann's blog.

      Two biochemists:
      Christopher Masterjohn's blog, Cholesterol and Health, and at Weston A. Price Foundation. I really enjoy his writing.
      William Lagakos has a blog, Calories Proper. I've only read some of his things.

      And someone, not a scientist or doctor, but one who likes to think about nutrition, metabolism, and biochemistry, George Henderson's, Hopeful Geranium.

      And the book which gave me the courage to live at very low carb levels, was Dr. Richard Bernstein's, The Diabetes Solution. He states quite clearly in his book that his recommendations are the best way to prevent diabetes as well as the best way to control it, if one has it. I think he is brilliant. His book is very easy to understand. The website has much of his book online. He also gives talks each month on the internet, which are free to listen to.

      This site gives many more good LC links.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what blogs and sites you read. :)
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