Rum Balls or Chocolate balls

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    • Rum Balls or Chocolate balls

      G'day mad crazy out of your tree experimental cooks and those who let the kids have a go in the kitchen,

      This one is for chocolate lovers who tend to chuck things together using what is in the cupboard rather than follow a recipe. You can't really go wrong because this is not cooked, it is just spoon mixed and rolled into balls then into the fridge or freezer.

      You can adjust the flavours at the end plus you can add more coconut flour or oil and you can even put them back in the bowl the next day and add something. So no recipe is not an issue.

      Put some coconut flour in a bowl add a teaspoon or two of Xanthan Gum (larger Coles stores sell both of these and Health Food stores of course) Add some cocoa and fake sugar (adjust to taste later by adding more)

      Give it a good dry mix with a spoon mainly so the Xathan gum does not form globs.

      Slurp in a bit of oil (coconut flour is made after they extract all the oil) put in more oil rather than less, any oil is OK, olive or cooking oil or butter then add essences - rum or orange or vanilla are good. In fact orange is excellent and has that expensive chocolate taste.

      Mix it up with a spoon as best you can.

      This is the bit that needs experience with coconut flour because it soaks up incredible quantities of water.

      Add water and hand mix and give it a few minutes and add some more water until you get a consistency for a soft roll into balls.

      Towards the end taste test and add more flavours and sweetener.

      Roll balls in dry coconut flour then store in the freezer or the fridge, the balls should firm up overnight as the coconut flour absorbs more mousture.

      You can add chopped up glace cherries or broken choc pieces or nuts or whatever takes your fancy. You can eat them frozen as a cold treat or eat them out of the fridge.

      My latest batch came out very chocolatey and tasted the same as the small choc pieces I mixed in. I used cooking oil but I have used olive oil and I have used margarine.

      Let me know how you get on with this "Recipe".