Hello Low-carb allies

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    • Hello Low-carb allies

      Let me introduce myself,

      I'm Sky, a 30 year old mum who has a few medical issues (don't we all?) and I have been fat for about 20 years.

      I know some people don't like the word fat, but I like to use it to describe myself until recently because I am the one 90% responsible for it. I might use the term 'overweight' if I was somewhat active or had been really fighting hard to keep my weight down, but the truth is. I never tried that hard.

      Recently I discovered that many of my medical issues are linked to my weight, my diet and my lack of exercise. (I know it should have been obvious.)

      Now I've had a few half hearted attempts at diets before and I even went low carb for 6 weeks once and lost 7kg (then I went on holiday, got stressed out, my 7kg came back and brought friends) but I know now that I have never been in the right mindset for proper weight loss before and the reason I say this, is because it was like a switch flicked on inside my head that went "Now you're ready." And all of a sudden I felt no desire to munch down on pasta or have rice with my veggies. Not only that, but I started to get REALLY crazy excited over all the silly little things like the amazing amount of flavour in 'flavour infused mineral water'. I was like WOW! How did I ever drink sugary drinks before?? I mean, I've never been the kind of person to chug a can a day or anything, but when I went out for a meal, I never EVER thought about the amount of sugar that went into my raspberry softdrink or into my body. It was just a drink. Food was just food. Walking was a chore.

      Anyway. I've been low carbing now for about 10 weeks. Maybe a little more, I never recorded a start date, which is weird because I have found that writing EVERYTHING down is the best way to make myself accountable. It's like a physical link to my subconscious. I write things down like "had a bite of pumpkin cake to make mum happy" and BAM, my little jimminy cricket pops out and goes "Don't make a habit of eating carbs to please people".

      I use my Wii-fit to keep a record of my weight, waist measurements and extra exercise. I'm kind of a big kid so I am crazy about Wii-fit and beating everyone's scores.

      I've thought about signing up to apinchofhealth SO many times, but I kind of felt as though I would jinx myself and stall my weight loss if I found linking up with people to be stressful. I have been so afraid that I've lost water weight or that my body is gonna drop a few kg's then just pile it back on, or that maybe I'm not truly ready and that I'll give up. Those fears have been my biggest hurdle. I'm really hoping I'm not the only one who's afraid that this dreamlike state of slow and steady weightloss is only temporary.

      I'm lucky because my husband is low carbing too, but he doesn't want to know the science of it. As far as he's concerned, If I tell him what to eat and he loses weight, then he doesn't need to know the particulars. I'm not like that. I read EVERYTHING on the subject. And I look at low carb success stories for information.

      If you can relate, please say HI

      Sky :whistling:

      Go low carb, make friends with a butcher.
    • Welcome Sky! :)

      Don't be afraid of losing water weight, some people retain a lot of excess fluid too and you want to in the first few days anyway as it's all part of the process of reaching ketosis.

      Good luck! :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Stella's Mum, Sherrie and Serena. We all have S names. Lol.

      Thanks for the welcome.

      I know a lot of low carbing information. It hasn't been difficult for me, I'm a walking dictionary of information about various diets because I will research them for weeks on end and then never do them. BUT that being said.
      Can anyone direct me to any threads that
      Contain an adequate amount of information about the non-food things that go in our mouths? I.e supplements, medications, gum, toothpaste etc?

      I've found (online and I'm books) that there has been lot of actual research into diet, exercise, sleep and mindset. But most of the information I've read on things like toothpaste or gum are more like the blind leading the blind, that is, people can't give you a straight answer because they're not sure themselves but they try their best to help because they care.

      And I did my ticker thing but it's not showing up as my signature. Ideas?

      Go low carb, make friends with a butcher.
    • Welcome Sky, Sounds like you are mentally ready to shed that weight & that is the only time you can - we are a friendly bunch so it's great you have bitten the bullet & joined us - like you I write what I eat down in an exercise book & most people here use their diaries to do that so you could check out other diaries & start your own - please visit daily so we can all motivate each other & get to know you :)
    • From a low carb perspective toothpaste doesn't matter as you spit it out anyway but I think all toothpastes are sugar free these days. Personally I choose herbal tooth pastes free of fluoride and other additives.

      Gum, well most of the sugar free gum can cause toileting/bloating issues. They often contain xylitol with the claim that's it's good for your teeth because it kills the bacteria in your mouth. This is true but you need to keep in mind that it kills all bacteria good and bad so I can't imagine that it would be good for gut health (IMO). Also coming from the perspective of an ex smoker I don't think its a good thing to need to have something in your mouth all of the time.

      Some medications you may need to watch as the dosage you need may change so good to have a doctor keep an eye on you as you go.

      Supplements, that would vary, you would need to be more specific.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.