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    • Ok so I'm trying to convince my hubby to eat better. My dilema is at the moment he is sitting on a tractor so what can I feed him that he can eat quickly, healthy and will keep him full but survive a pounding in rough conditions? Have made some meatballs but need something to go with it. He loves his frozen juice boxes, is there something I can replace that with? We live in the bush so I can go and buy anything (can order but will take a while to get here)

      Have a great quiche recipe but uses 1 cup of flour, what can I use to substitue it? I have only coconut and besan flour in the cupboard.

      Hes not willing to give up his beer just yet, but hes happy to eat what I give him (as long as its nice!!) so happy with that at the moment, but I need some good ideas!

      Thanks ;)

      For things to change YOU must change
    • We have plenty of quiche recipes there's also a recipe for quiche Lorraine with a crust. I have also made almond frangipani tarts you might be able to use that short crust pastry recipe without the sweetener aswell.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Thanks Sherrie. The (self crustin) quiche recipe I used I make into mini muffins and freeze them (bite size) Kids and hubby take them frozen, so by the time they eat them they are defrosted.(It gets very hot here)
      Its a family fav and even my daughters friends who dont like quiche eat them (yes sometimes I think I feed all her friends! haha , so thats what I was hoping to find a replacement for the flour. Might make 2 batches this morning, one with besan flour and one with almond meal (forgot to say I had that as well)

      Doubt I can get coconut water at our shop, so that will have to wait for the next shop :( I bought Pete's book and saw the fruit icey poles he makes with coconut water.

      For things to change YOU must change
    • have you tried oopsie rolls with him the ones where you put ham and cheese on top before you bake them, and you can do mini quiches in ham or bacon, line muffin holes with them and fill with omelette type fillings, no flour
      Ive been looking for a drink for summer to quench the thirst waiting to get a stevia plant, then hoping to make a drink from ginger, lemon grass and stevia, no sugar as im hoping the stevia will sweeten it
      not sure if this online place has been posted before, came across it today, it has some low carb stuff if you do online orders
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    • Thanks heaps jirretau, was going to try oopsie rolls but was playing with quiche and so had them for lunch. Will checkout that website. Love the idea for a summer drink. I have soda water with freshly squeezed lime juice in a wine glass Pretending I'm drinking wine! how sad!)

      Wow just looked at your weightloss! How awesome are you?

      For things to change YOU must change