Thoughts on Atkins Products?

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    • Thoughts on Atkins Products?

      I'm sorry if this information has already been shared, I haven't figured out the search feature yet.
      What do you think of the Atkin's prepackaged items, such as meal bars, snacks and shakes to add to your carb count each day?
      I often have a bar as a snack to cure my chocolate craving, but choose one that is 3 carbs or lower.
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    • I avoid them as the sugar alcohols they use are too much and give me gas. I have had an endulge bar once and it was way too good to be safe!
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    • I really like most of the atkins bars - however they are made from some strange names and numbers so I do try not to rely on them all the time. But yes if I eat too many in a day they do give me wind too.

      If your just after sugar free chocolate than the best one made by well naturally - it uses stevia as its sweetener. But watch your portions - its can be so nice that you want to eat the whole bar :D .

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    • We used to have a good thread but I can't seem to find it anymore. Basically there's various sugar alcohols that have different levels of sweetness, carbs and laxative effects. They can also cause big carb cravings which can be individual.

      The carb count in sugar alcohols is often omitted from the total carb count because it's thought that they're not absorbed but this is hotly debated and can depend on the person so trial and error to find out how they effect you is the best way.

      The worst ones are ones such as maltitol, sorbitol and mannitol. These easily cause laxative effects and bloating and will cause cravings.

      Then you have xylitol, Tagatose and erythritol.

      Erythritol seems to be best on the tummy but it does have a cooling effect and crystallises very easy.

      Xylitol tastes a bit better but also has a cooling effect, it's easier to reach laxative effect then erythritol and it's also anti bacterial. It's often marketed as a good thing but you need to keep in mind that it kills both good and bad bacteria so it's not something I would consume everyday.

      Tagatose is a probiotic which is a good thing, it tastes really good and caramelises like sugar. But it's more expensive and harder to find and isn't as easy on the bowels as erythritol. It also has a lower burning point so can be tricky to use in baking.

      I haven't looked at an atkins product for a long time but they used to be full of the worst sugar alcohols as well as soy which is why I like to avoid them.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.