Feeling fat and disgusting

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    • Feeling fat and disgusting

      I hope the subject wasn't to in your face but that is how I am feeling at the moment. I haven't started my journey but will do at the beginning of next week with my weekly shopping.

      About me - up until 5 years ago I was a happy active 60kg - 5"4 so not to bad - size 12 so was happy with that considering I have four kids. I have a condition called Lupus but managed it and my weight well. 5 years ago I got whopping cough, Lupus flared up and was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (chronic pain) - and was bed ridden for nearly 12 months. Since then my weight has slowly been increasing and increasing and the meds I am on don't help. 12 months ago I was diagnosed with Vasculitis of the feet - basically inflamation of the feet that they swell so much I end up with massive ulcers due to lack of blood flow on my feet which has left me on and off predisone (steriods). I have just had my longest flare up and I have been in a wheel chair for two months and on heavy doses of predisone. In two months I have put on another whooping 15 kilograms. I am over 110 - I am not going to stand on the scales at the moment. Needless to say my husbands affections have dwindled and I am embarrassed to go out in public. The predisone has come down to barely anything and I am able to walk a little bit so I am starting my journey Monday. I should call it a trek or something - journey sounds to easy and I know that the road ahead is going to be very long and bumpy.
      Also (please laugh) - I don't eat eggs! I have done the Atkins before about 10 years ago after the birth of my last child but I only had about 10 kilograms to loose so I don't remember what I ate for breakfast ..... eggs in things are ok as long as they don't taste eggy - any suggestions?

      Sorry if this has been a poor me introduction - I am normally up beat and light hearted but not feeling that way at the moment.

    • Welcome Kate :)

      I'm on my way to an appointment so don't have much time to put into my answer but wanted to welcome you!

      You can just have leftovers for breaky, soup etc it doesn't have to be eggs, there is a psyllium pancakes recipe in the breakfast section you might like!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.

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    • Welcome Kate - come here regularly & we will lighten your load - start a diary to help with your food - check out other peoples diaries for ideas on what they eat - some of us follow Atkins & other various versions of low carb eating. Until Monday try to eat carefully to ease into a low carb lifestyle - it will be a long haul but so is maintenance :thumbsup: .
    • Hi Kate and welcome ..... do as much research as you can on what foods would suit you for breakfast. Be organised and prepared and you will have to be a little selfish at times to make this lifestyle change work. There are lots of low carb recourses out there and yes its a wonderful journey , embrace it and enjoy the changes you are about to make .... Keep a food diary and take your measurements - that's my advise.
      Good luck and best wishes.
      Chris x
      Less of me - more of life !