Ideas for Lunch and Breakfast

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    • Ideas for Lunch and Breakfast

      Hi guys,

      Just been through my process with low-carb diet, and I have found myself some hard time adjust to it, without sandwich, and hash-browns in the morning. High fat diet makes it seem very hard as I am not used to eating lots of fat. But I dropped off one of my low-card lady's house, and BINGO new recipe. And its a SANDWICH, with lots of FAT haha.

      So here is the deal :D :D :D



      4 table spoons of grounded flaxseed. (very cheap if you buy in buck on Ebay, I got 5kg for only like $40 I think)
      Half of table spoon of Olive Oil (please make sure it's good olive oil, so that your sandwich doesnt have weird smell, I do have this accident when I'm lazy to get proper stuff )
      Tiny bit of salt
      1 big eggs
      5 table spoons of water
      1 microwavable mold (if you get a square one, it will looks more like a sandwich when it comes out)

      Sandwich fillings
      1-2 cans of Tuna in Olive Oil/ Sardine in Olive Oil
      (I happens to be Portuguese descendant, so bought all my fish from here Lising Trading's store
      but of course, other brands would do, I strongly recommend Sirena though if you cant get the fish from the link above,
      its an alternatives to the my canned fish when I ran out of them )
      1-2 lectuce leaves, 1 slice of tomato

      Start cooking:

      Beat the egg with water, and olive oil, salt.
      Pour in the flaxseed meal. Mix well
      Pour the liquid into the mold, and microwave in 3 minutes.
      Take it out, cut in half and wait to cool down.
      Put in toaster if you want them crunch ^^

      Open the tuna/ sardines, I normally put two, as it makes
      the sandwich, of course more tasty. Just pour all the olive
      oil in can into the sandwich :D (careful not to make it too wet)

      You could use the toaster once more time to make it crispy, and heating
      up the fish too. And, put the lectuce, tomato in the filling.

      Feel free to put some low carb sauces on. Woolworth has some low-carb
      tomato and BBQ sauce that is quite acceptable. Put them in, and .. Voila!!!

      Happy cooking and eating !!! Let me know your result :D

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    • Kate Kerry wrote:

      Woolworth has some low-carb tomato and BBQ sauce that is quite acceptable.
      Maybe spam, but I love tomato sauce (ketchup) so I will check out whether they really have this at Woolworths.

      I had cheeseburgers last night (no bread, just beef mince, soy sauce and egg, with cheese on top and mushrooms on the side) and they were good. But some low carb tomato sauce would have gone better with them than the mayo.