Rebounding when mobility is bit of an issue.

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    • Rebounding when mobility is bit of an issue.


      I have not read through the whole forum as I have just joined couple of hours ago. However I've noticed few posts making mention of lack of some mobility, making it hard to exercise.

      I'd like to suggest that for those members (as well as the highly mobile ones), to perhaps consider investing in a top class rebounder (mini trampoline) in order to increase your lymphatic system flow, which would go a long way to improving your immune system, as well as stimulating your muscular system all the way down to the cellular level (thanks to gravity). Osteoporosis | Health Benefits | bellicon USA

      Remember when we were kids, rope skipping with our friend or alone. Well, this is the same but without any joint impact whatsoever. I am not referring to your cheap spring type rebounders here, but rather to the ultimate in rebounding equipment and that is the bungee cords type of rebounders. I would recommend you look into the best of the best (in my opinion), one that is called the Bellicon. A Swiss/German made piece of equipment. It's expensive, possibly 20-30x what you would pay for the stuff you can buy at your local shop.

      If balance is an issue, you can also purchase some balance hand bars to help you with that also. There should be no reason whatsoever for you to remain inactive for as long as you're breathing.

      If I have sounded like some salesperson trying to push a product, it was not my intention and I do apologise. I do not work for Bellicon or anyone in the fitness industry and have refused to do so previously. I own one of this "Porsches" , and whenever I feel like mixing up my HIIT, I go for a rebound.