Chicken soup

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    • Chicken soup

      I got tired of trying to find a very-low-carb chicken soup recipe that sounded good. So I had a go at making up my own.

      I had a bunch of celery and a quarter head of cabbage. I chopped up 2 sticks of celery plus the leaves. The leaves are the important part. Then I cut up the cabbage. I chopped 3 shallots and bruised 4 cloves of garlic, fried those for a few minutes in a largish saucepan, then added a litre of store-bought real stock, a litre of water, the cabbage and the celery and 6 chicken drumsticks. I went into the backyard to get some fresh herbs but a huge spider had spun a web over the herb garden so all I managed to pick was a few sprigs of thyme and 2 super-hot red chillies. I halved the chillies and added those plus the thyme plus some pepper.

      An hour and a half of simmering later and it tasted excellent. Next time I'll use 1 chilli though.