Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true’

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    • Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true’

      I hadn't heard of this lady before but I think perhaps this should be used as a timely reminder of why we should always treat anything said over the internet with healthy skepticism. I'm always skeptical of anyone trying too hard to build up a following over social media in a short space of time. I was initially skeptical of even Pete Evans then I thought about (money aside) what he was trying to achieve? I mean there's nothing wrong with promoting a healthy way to eat, so instead, I am glad hes going at this so strongly and I love what hes doing for LCHF. Of course you still need to treat it with a bit of healthy skeptcism.

      I have witnessed this deception happen in the USA where a lady developed a large following on a forum and through a popular blogger whom was only so happy to receive commission from selling memberships for her, she had pretended to lose weight so quickly on a < 500 calorie diet and then after building a following starting her own forum to sell memberships even to the point of being published in a women's magazine. Have you ever tried to talk common sense to people caught up in the euphoria that happens during a VLCD? It was a crazy time but eventually this lady was investigated and found to be obese and using fake stolen photos for herself and her success stories and was then subsequently sued.

      When her diet was published in a magazine, she made over 1million from paypal payments alone in 1 month just selling I think it was $30 lifetime forum memberships. I have been running my forum for a long time out of my own pocket because this kind of stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth and this is why I am so hard about VLCDs being not allowed to be promoted on the forum. Some people get upset with me over this and I feel bad for them but I would feel worse if I provided a medium for a lot of people to get sick from a VLCD.

      People in the weight loss industry that want to make a quick buck use the terms "rapid weight loss" "lose 14 pounds in 7 days" or promotes fasting/starvation diets because they know it will suck you in and you will get so excited about your fast weight loss (if it happens) that you will want to tell the world and bring them more customers. If you're really serious about your health and weight, then these terms and diets are unrealistic don't let them suck you in and take advantage. The weight loss industry is a huge $$$ and you need to treat it with a lot of skepticism because its built on return customers!

      DISGRACED wellness blogger Belle Gibson has admitted she deceived her followers, friends and family about having cancer and curing her illness with healthy eating and natural therapies.

      The 23-year-old was accused of fabricating her terminal brain cancer and making a profit from her story via her wellness app, The Whole Pantry.

      Last month it was revealed Gibson failed to donate $300,000 from the sales of her app to charity as promised and her friends had started to question the legitimacy of her diagnosis.

      Belle Gibson: ‘No, None of it is true’?
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    • Sadly the delusions of the old low carb forums dramas, are still happening today with the social media age.

      I also see that Young + good looking + personal trainer seems to be a big money maker on instagram.

      Let some 21 year old fitness guru who has never been obese design meal programs for you!! lol