5:2 (intermittent fasting) in combination with low-carb

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    • 5:2 (intermittent fasting) in combination with low-carb

      Has anyone ever considered combining the popular 5:2 (intermittent fasting) diet with low-carb?

      This is where you keep calories extremely low (600 calories for men) on 2 days per week.

      I feel like I could do this in combination with low-carb quite easily, since I don't get very hungry on a low-carb diet anyway. I was just reading about the 5:2 diet and thought that it might be useful as a way to jump over those annoying plateaus.

      Or is it better to go with the slow-but-steady approach?
    • Personally I feel the body adapts to that too and if there's still a lot to lose I would leave those type of things if necessary to when you're close to goal. plus some people don't psychologically handle planned fasts. I think our body naturally has its own type of fasting days on occasion when it needs it or when we're sick.

      That's just my personal opinion.
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