Paleo Pete on ACA last night

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    • Paleo Pete on ACA last night

      They tried to give Pete Evans a real bashing on A Current Affair last night you can watch it here: Paleo Pete

      Towards the end they bash the health claims for having no scientific research but I bet if they searched for those terms with low carbohydrate or ketogenic they would find some evidence. A good place to start is here and I will try to update these pages soon as there's lots more research I need to add: Research

      I think using the word paleo goes against him a lot more then low carb or LCHF but it wasn't that long ago when low carb was a really dirty word also but I guess it still is for those grain lovers.

      They keep mocking him and using the fact that he is not a Doctor or a Dietician against him and follow that by interviewing one that is against it but there's many that are for low carb or paleo diet it's not as if all health professionals are against it. It would be good if more health professionals would speak out in Australia, I think it would go along way.

      Money, well yeah he could be raking it in. I know our paleo way tour tickets cost just under $190 each (our Christmas present to each other) but who knows how much it all costs, there were a lot of people that spoke there, his cooking staff, people at the door, camera man, then you have the venue, accommodation, travel, meals etc

      He charges is it almost $100 to do his 10 week program? Now I have access to this from going to the tour but I haven't had a look yet but from what I gather that also includes a lot of staff and hes touring overseas to interview various Drs for his Paleo Way TV series and for content for his 10 week challenge, this all costs money. He must put a lot of time and sacrifice into it, he cant be home with his family all that much. So I don't know, there has to be value there for those that can afford it and for those that can't you can usually grab his books on special, I've never paid $40 for his book like ACA claims not that $40 is much for a book, I've bought Jamie Oliver books for that much on special!

      I don't know much about his products he doesn't seem to push them, they're not exclusive in that you can buy other brands of the same thing though I do like the taste of his coconut water best for some reason. His fermenting Jar seems really expensive for what it is but it could be good in that it makes it more beginner friendly but for me anyway the price is a tad extravagant for me to be able to justify, he has no problems selling them though, its always sold out so people must like it.

      The funniest bit was at the start where the showed footage of him when he first started up until now, I dont know about you but thats some pretty good before and after pictures that promote what hes doing right there!

      Here's an example from a quick google:

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      to this:

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      [Blocked Image:]

      I know which version of Pete I would prefer :p

      Here's my idea of a fad diet:

      [Blocked Image:]

      Australian Guide to Healthy Eating | Eat For Health
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Pete Evans vs A Current Affair: Paleo chef defends health advice

      This is a pretty good article, Pete has had his say. Obviously Channel 9 would like Paleo Pete sacked because his show (MKR) is killing their pet show (The Block) in the ratings.

      I didn't see ACA. I can imagine how bad it was though.

      I'm with you Sherrie - the low-fat fad diet (aka food pyramid) has had its day. The evidence is in - massive increases in obesity rates and conditions such as adult-onset (type 2) diabetes tell us that the standard dietary advice is NOT making us healthier.

      I'm not 100% behind a lot of the ideas promoted by paleo diet gurus. Humans are omnivores like pigs and bears, and are able to survive and a wide variety of diets. One thing for certain, though, is that the average modern 21st century diet has a shockingly negative effect on the health of a great many people.

      Also you need to take a look at who funds the people doling out the standard low-fat high-carb dietary advice, and then ask again who is getting rich off dodgy diet advice and who is corrupt:
      Revealed: Nutritional bodies funded by Big Sugar - I Quit Sugar
    • Yes I'm not Paleo or Primal per se though most of my meals fit into those categories. I have omitted dairy before (and chocolate) not for Paleo but as an elimination diet when I was breastfeeding and I never felt any better without them.

      I've always felt better with dairy in my diet though oddly enough my intake of dairy has naturally reduced over time as has my need for sweet foods. But some people like my partner Garry always do better without dairy, I believe Pete is lactose intolerant hence why he eats the way he does.

      I have never been a big grain eater, I have never tolerated breads and cereals ever since I was little, they often make me gag.

      I think at the end of the day it's about eating nutrient dense foods that you tolerate and that keep you off the sugar roller coaster, whether its called real foods, paleo, low carb etc it doesn't really matter. With Petes 10 week program the way he explained it was that those ten weeks are for omitting certain problem foods for 10 weeks and seeing how it makes you feel and then going from there. Gluten for instance, takes a couple of months to clear out of your system so you need to omit it for more then a week or two to see if its of any benefit. Most of the people he interviews still have dairy, coffee and even whole grains if prepared properly.

      People tend to take some bits from his program and books that they find extreme to them and just run with it in order to bash, hes really not as fanatical (at least on stage) as hes made out to be in the media. On stage hes really down to earth, swears a little, jokes and tells you basically just to do the best you can when making food choices and not feel you have to be perfect 100% of the time.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.