Teriyaki cheeseburgers

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    • Teriyaki cheeseburgers

      This is a very low-carb recipe that I've been throwing together for years, and which is very difficult to get wrong.

      You will need some good teriyaki sauce, some beef mince (premium beef mince works better, but the super cheap hamburger mince that I usually buy works fine), some cheese slices that melt well and go nice and gooey, cooking oil, and eggs.

      I use 2 eggs to around 500g of beef mince. That is maybe too much, but just how I like it. You could use one egg, just as long as it is enough to bind the burgers together.

      Mix the eggs, beef mince and about a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce (adjust to suit your taste and according to how salty the teriyaki sauce is - I never measure) and mix together.

      Then take a generous lump of the mixture and put in a frypan with some cooking oil on a medium heat, and use a spatula/egg flipper to squash it to the thickness and shape that you want. You can cook 2 or 3 at a time depending on how big your frypan is.

      Once they are cooked on one side flip them over (this can get messy and they can break up a bit at this stage, so you may need to fit the pieces back together). Add a cheese slice on top and let the burger cook through. The cheese slice will hopefully melt and turn gooey and hold the burger together.

      There isn't any bread, that's it. I like to fry some mushrooms in the same saucepan and have them with some salad or vegetables. Keep any leftovers in the fridge and have them for lunch the next day. They go well with mayonnaise or low-carb tomato sauce (or low-carb BBQ sauce).

      Kids like them.