Computer Whinge

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    • Computer Whinge

      Yesterday I was using the computer when the internet dropped out??? I tried for hours to get it back - today we had to go out & I had enough of this temperamental technology so I gave myself a break from it - when we came home I was hoping someone had waved a magic wand over it & it was fixed but it was still waiting for me to sort it out - so I contacted our Provider/technician & wrote down the problem in a book - he suggested many things & could not get Wifi back on line then told me to contact the manufacturers of my computer Asus & advise them that the Wifi adaptor was faulty & for them to check it - that ended that phone call. So I continued to check out different things on the computer then bingo I had the internet back - fantastic & now I can sleep knowing I don't have to contact anymore technicians & try to understand their jargon - I have written down in my book what I did to correct it as best I can yet I don't think I did anything in particular it just came back. Life was simple before computers :)
    • I connect my PC via Ethernet because I am old school but with a laptop that you like to move around the house that's not possible unless you have Ethernet ports everywhere like a power point, something I wouldn't mind actually, if only I could connect my iPad that way!
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    • I have Ethernet ports & that is what I did last night - I connected up the ethernet & I had internet connection - then when I removed the ethernet I lost connection & that is the first time that has happened - it usually gives me the connection then I can remove the ethernet & still have connection - it did not do that this time. When I contacted the technician he did not suggest using the ethernet - I haven't been moving the computer very much since I got the ipad. Why are you so keen on using the ethernet to connect ?