Expelled by DAA! (Dietitians Association of Australia)

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    • Expelled by DAA! (Dietitians Association of Australia)

      Wow this is very crazy and makes no sense!

      Jen Elliot wrote:

      Expelled by DAA! (Dietitians Association of Australia)

      I was expelled from the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) in April 2015 because of my recommendation of lower carbohydrate diets to people with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

      The original complaint against me came from a dietitian who didn’t agree with my approach. Her complaint was “that my recommendation of a very low carbohydrate diet for type 2 diabetes management is inconsistent with Evidence Based Practice” and secondly, that a client she had seen previously was not happy with our interview.

      Here is an outline of the initial stages; part two to follow.

      Click on the Authors name at the top of the quote to go to her blog and read the rest.

      This quote from Gary Fettke says it all:

      Gary Fettke wrote:

      Australian Dietitian expelled from DAA for recommending evidence based science - low carb for a diabetes patient.

      Jen Elliott is an Australian Dietitian with 35 years of experience and has recently been expelled from the DAA – Dietitians Association of Australia for recommending a trial of Lower Carbohydrate management for a patient with Type 2 Diabetes.

      Following on from this removal of membership of the DAA, Jen has then lost her job with NSW Health and under Australian Medicare funding arrangements has effectively lost her ability to practice in the community or hospital system.

      She has had no right of reply or being able to make representation to the DAA.

      There's so much research that supports it, there was even research for Diabetes 1 this all seems so extreme!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • I think that this is disgusting that she was expelled. The dieticians I've all seen have said high carb low fat. I'd never get my bsl's under control doing that. They won't listen though. I feel like smacking them, honestly.

      Even when at hospital this past week and a half, my endo and the cardiologist who was overseeing my care, both said to stick with low carb, and the cardiologist said to eat as much fat as I can bare to taste. At least I found a couple of doctors who agree with low carb eating.

      We need dieticians like this one who know what they are doing.

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    • Awesome that you had some sensible specialists!

      My dad was diagnosed with diabetes 2 a few months ago, I was going to write a big post about it but just been too busy with other stuff. I was shocked at the little information they gave him, its all high carb low fat like you said with absolutely no education on carbohydrates! I printed out my carbohydrate count pages for him to keep in the folder they gave him and told him to choose from the low carb ones and only have moderate ones occasionally if hes doing ok. I was so disgusted at how little they give a person to empower themselves, no wonder so many fail at it and end up on medication!

      The worst bit is the blood sugar readings, he does one in the morning before he eats and one in the evening 2 hours after dinner. My dad was eating a carby dessert which he calls supper after doing his last blood sugar count. Now his Dr has told him to only measure once a day! How's he meant to know what meals work for him and what don't?

      Luckily my dad is in his 70s and only just developed it after all this time. One good thing is his blood pressure has gone down already and I doubt hes even low carbing properly!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.