Advice needed

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    • Advice needed

      OK, so I joined today :wave: and initially I was all geared up for the paleo diet and still kinda am, but now I'm reading about LCHF and I'm confused. I am 31 now, and have been struggling with PCOS for a few years, I have insulin resistance as a result of the PCOS and hyperandrogenism (try to say that fast 10 times!!) On top of this, I am a huge emotional eater with a heavy addiction to carbs. I've gotten to a point in my life now that I really want to make some real changes and I want to be a really good example to my DD's 3 & 4. I have made an appointment with the gym for Wednesday to help me make some realistic goals, but I guess what I'm asking is for opinions about what the best eating plan will be. I don't want a diet per se I want a lifestyle change, I want something that I don't have to be constantly thinking about what I can't have. One of the things I struggle with is finding foods that have omega 3 in it as I am allergic to fish and can't stand shellfish (except those tins of oysters which I'm not sure are very good for me).

      at a glance my issues include:

      high cholesterol (not high enough for meds but high enough that the Dr ordered me to change my eating habits)
      Depression, Anxiety, PTSD (I'm medication free at the moment because I would like to see if changing my eating habits help with some of these symptoms and also my liver needed a break)
      PCOS- insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism, excessive weight
      Severe Asthma
      I am also at risk of Degenerative Disk Disease if I don't lose weight soon
      I don't often have a menstrual cycle (probably due to the excess weight) but when I do I have Menorrhagia which leads to anaemia
      B12 deficiency
      Vitamin D deficiency (I struggle to stay at double figures because I'm constantly forgetting my supplements)

      My thyroid always comes up as fine and I haven't had an LFT since I've been off my meds. I used to drink 6 Litres (yes you read right) of coke every day, which I quit cold turkey 2 months ago and stopped smoking in January.

      So for all you informed folks out there, what do you think would be the best way for me to go to turn my life around, improve my health and well being but still enjoy my food without feeling guilty???

      Any help would be appreciated


      CJ :peace:
    • Absolutely go LCHF, you can always change to paleo later as a natural progression if you need.

      Depression can be a tricky one, some people find really low carb helps where other people struggle, if you fall into the later category try moving your carbs towards the evening which is when serotonin is made. I wonder if you can find a low carb doctor or other practitioner that can help you if you need, they're out there!

      The sugar ups and downs which I call the roller coaster will be feeding your anxiety etc so straightening that out will help you and low carb is great for PCOS and Insulin Resistance.

      A low carb high fat lifestyle will help you with your deficiencies that's for sure, I'm not sure how it works with hyper androgenism but then that's associated with PCOS?

      Getting your vitamin D up might help your Asthma, what dose do you take? I got mine back up pretty quickly with high dose capsules from the U.S.

      Your cholesterol is a symptom of everything else that's going on because your body is making it to process everything, it may go up initially as your fat cells start releasing the hormones stored within it as you lose weight. What ever you do don't try fasting, no skipping breakfast as you don't want to risk the sludge sitting there forming gallstones.

      Maybe try taking some milk thistle during this time to help your liver process everything as you start losing weight.

      Good luck:)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • I've got slippery elm powder for my chickens, meant to be good for inflammation.

      This is an old thread but this is what I took, I had my bloods checked later that year and they were near top of range after around 6 months despite winter: Vitamin D - High Potency
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Tadda,

      I went LCHF because of insulin resistance, as an alternative to going on medication. I feel the best I have in a very long time. My cholesterol is back in the "normal" ranges and my blood pressure is down.

      LCHF is definitely a diet that you can forget you are on, but it does take some planning to make sure that you have LCHF food choices available when you need them. My problem the last couple of weeks has been completely forgetting that I am supposed to be on LCHF until after I've eaten something I shouldn't - but because I'm still doing LCHF most of the time all that has done is slow down my weight loss, not derail it altogether.

      I hope you like LCHF - good luck.
    • Hi Tadda - firstly congratulations on giving up Coca cola and Cigarettes. This shows that you do have the will power and determination to "Give Up" certain things - the same will be true with Carbs. Just as hard but just as rewarding.
      Glad to read that you understand this will be a lifestyle change and not a diet. That very thought enabled me to lose weight.
      I too would suggest LCHF but remember it will take you a few months to figure out what suits you best and how many simple carbs you can get away with.
      Do lots of research , be prepared and be accountable , no excuses and GOOD LUCK !
      With best wishes Chris x
      Less of me - more of life !