The War on Big Food

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    • The War on Big Food

      An interesting article it is quite long but I like the direction that it is going in a way so long as they don't just find ways to mask or hide things. It was this quote that made me think maybe some good can come out of it but I'd still rather avoid Big Food personally:

      Beth Kowitt, Special Report: The war on big food wrote:

      Hershey’s first formidable task was to convince suppliers that this wasn’t some one-off experiment. “We made ourselves kind of a pain,” says Terry O’Day, Hershey senior vice president and chief supply-chain officer. “Suppliers would tell us how difficult it was, what the incremental cost would be.
      They’re testing you to see if you flinch when they tell you the price.” When it came to finding GMO-free corn sweetener, so little was available in the U.S. that one vendor had to restructure its operations to create the ingredient for Hershey.
      When the company broached the idea of using milk from cows that hadn’t been treated with rBST, some families that had been supplying milk to the company for 100 years questioned the logic.
      “We were asking them to really change the way they did business,” says O’Day. “There’s a lot of emotion that comes out.”
      For now, Hershey is absorbing the added costs for the ingredient changes while it looks for savings elsewhere. “We want to prove we can change the supply chain,” Bilbrey says.

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