pretend rice

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    • pretend rice

      i don't know if anybody here has tried cauliflower as a substitute for rice, it is really good. last night i had thai chicken and vege curry and was getting annoyed about not having it on rice. i took some cauli florets, pulsed them in my food processer until they looked like rice, threw them in a bowel, put a little water in there and covered it with gladwrap, chucked it in the microwave for a min and a half. drained it and whacked it in the bowel with curry on top. (very violent cook aren't i :p ) it even absorbed the flavour of the curry like rice. so nice i'm going to try a 'risotto'.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • What a life a veg has in your kitchen,whacked and chucked around, poor things. Interesting idea about the cauli though, will try it tonight, as long as the curry takes away the flavour I'll be o.k Thats another thing I'm finding difficult, having Asian food without noodles or rice and Italian without the pasta.
    • hee heee heeeeee

      min you have NO idea. even my betrothed stays out or he gets beaten up too!!!! just kidding.

      there is no cauli taste at all so you should be fine, we're having indian tonite, i am DYING for rogan josh but have refused to make it if i can't have rice (poor betrothed, he is very uncomplaining). then tomorrow nite mabe a risotto.

      as for noodles, check out the miss pasta thread i started on the recipe forum, if you can get shirataki noodles you are sorted!
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Sam, your right, the cauli just takes in the flavour of whatever its with. Tried last night with spaghetti bog. was yum, and tonight with beef stroganoff, but I mixed it with pumpkin. I am going out tomorrow to find some of the noodles.
    • nufink at orl!

      oh your at work ..... tsk tsk!!

      I'll definitely have to try the cauli rice thing. Did you say you made indian or a curry? Are those recipes on here anywhere. With this cold weather something like a curry and rice would be YUM :p I find myself not making 'dishes' but having a piece of meat and two veg. Not sure if this is common but having something in a curry sauce makes my mouth water. I think I have kinda just blocked it all out and try not to think of food as the be all and end all. My problem is being rostered off nights like tonight and find myself going out and having a few brandys and diet cokes or red wine!! (Still not had a beer since Feb 22) I have lost each week since starting but still have such a long way to go but I know that I won't ever give up the booze so even if I lose it slower and still manage to have a drink I figure that's better than depriving myself and getting bitter about the whole thing. This is a way of life for me now even though I don't do the counting of carbs I just know that whatever goes into my mouth has got to be low carb. SIMPLE :D

      Cazza xx
    • well that's good then

      eys yes i am at work, i sit on the internet all blinking day doing research and other stuff so i pop in from time to time (or all the time!!)

      i buy a can of rogan josh, i am pretty sure it is sharwoods, it's about 10g carbs for the whole thing, it makes about 4 serves, or 3 HUGE serves so i don't mind. it is divine. i have looked at rogan josh receipes but they are too fiddly and i don't have half the stuff.

      the thai curry is packet also, i can't remember the name or brand but it is good and low carb we just add coconut milk and vegies. i'll post the name when i have a look.

      hey cazza i hear you! they can take away my pasta and rice but they are NEVER taking away my white wine or JD and dry (diet now). i try not to do it too often as a) i get blind very quickly these days then b) i get blindingly hungover. still, there ithink anything in moderation is ok (or that's just the most convenient justification i can come up with right now!!!)
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I find the alcohol affects me greatly now. I was always known as a gal who could hold her booze but after a couple of reds I start feeling the affects whereas once upon a time I could polish of a bottle no problems :p OH MY GOD :eek: Am I known as a cheap drunk now??? HAHAHAHA ... only kidding .. gezzzzz I'm sounding like an alcoholic! I know I'm not an alcoholic cos I don't go to the meetings!!! :D hehehe

      Cazza xx
    • i can't even drink red wine which has been my fave forever, if i have more than 2 glasses i am off my head. white wine doesn't seem to get me so quickly, but i was the same as you, could put away a bottle (sometimes 2 :eek: ) and still be speaking coherently. now i don't think so. i have been taking some liver tonics before drinking and this seems to help...hangovers now feel like they did when i was a lot younger and champers (alias 2 buck chuck) was all the rage.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • When I don't want to make my own I get a nice curry sauce by Yeos. It is in a tin. They have two types a mild Malaysian one in a blue tin and a hot Singapore one in a red tin. Similar shape to a large tuna tin. Very nice curry, I add some extra coconut cream and curry leaves, yummy.

      Probably not good whilst low carbing though :)

      Just adding you can get a shirataki rice sub now here: Miracle Noodles
    • Cazza-nice to see someone else here who likes a beer! I havent been as good as you, & I dont want to lead you back onto a bad thing, but there is a lowcarb beer called Castlemaine XXXX Diet Lager which only has 4 grams of Carb in a 375ml bottle.

      I got onto it because I work for the company that brews it. I'm not sure if its available in SA, but can find out for you when I get back to work on Monday. Its a full strength beer & the taste is pretty good, I've not had too many, because I know that it was beer that got me fat in the first place, but sometimes i just HAVE to have one, or 2, or 3!LOL!
    • Rice Sub - Thank You

      Last night I tried a minced beef curry cooked in red curry paste, fish sauce, coconut cream, peppers, bean sprouts and mint leaves. From the Womens Weekly Stir Fry Cook Book. Served it up on a bed of grated cauliflower (just used my cheese grater and microwaved for 2 minutes) - was sensational - just like the old days.Thanks a lot Ladies.