Colds and flu dries up my throat,remedy?

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    • Colds and flu dries up my throat,remedy?

      They say a humidifier adds moisture to dry winter air which reduces the symptoms of cold and flu by soothing the throat and reducing irritation of the nasal passages, anyone experienced this? What about steam with vicks?
    • Aspiring wrote:

      Haven't used this in Aus but when we were living in a snowy area, everyone used humidifiers because the cold vs internal heating = dry air. This would help if you are in such an area.
      Thanks! i guess that causes my dry throat.It can be so irritating esp at night I cough a lot.
      I bought this unit ionmax and so far works well although i forgot to ask the store where i bought it, about its coverage for how big is the room it can cover.. bec sometimes there's a low output of mist volume. And how high is the water level should be?