Pamchesbay Introduction

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    • Pamchesbay Introduction

      Hi all, I'm a newbie from Virginia (in southeastern US). I've spent several days on this site - what an incredible, fabulous resource! I am working to get a clear idea as to what I need to do and not do. (I didn't realize I should eat sooo much fat!!)

      Every time I think I "get it," I find more info. Some questions relate to ingredients - like what is "diet jelly"?

      If any ideas for a good sub, appreciate your shooting them my way.

      Many thanks!

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    • Welcome Pam! :)

      I think you guys call diet jelly diet jello? Its the sugar free flavoured gelatin crystals you buy of various flavours and you dissolve them in hot water then set in fridge until they form a wobbly jelly.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.

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    • I live in a very rural community on the southern Chesapeake Bay - we have one small market. The big grocery stores with more diversity are an 1 - 1.5 hrs away so I use Amazon as my source for most natural foods and other unusual items.

      So you use diet jello as a sweetener in desserts - OK, that was easy. I've been impressed by the creativity in the recipes - that's one example.

      I did Atkins about 15 years ago, have forgotten much so ordered the most recent Atkins book last night.

      Reading the posts and replies from you and others reminded me that y'all are in the depths of winter. Hard to imagine here. The weather gurus say today may be the hottest day of the year so far - highs around 103-107F. Between the oppressive heat and humidity and athe fternoon / evening storms, it's pretty miserable outside.

      You have created a truly amazing forum here with answers to thousands of questions, menus, and recipes - OMG. Cheesecake every day? And this is legal on induction? Maybe? I'm in heaven.

      BTW: In searching for substitutes for psyllium husks, I found a remarkable (to me) page of substitutions in baking / cooking here: Substitution Charts | Crafty Cookery from The Sensitive Witch

      The Witch answers questions - for example, there was a Q about a Swedish cake and another Q about a "low carb gluten free version of Baumkuchen cake". The Q & A section was fascinating.

      Take care and stay warm!


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    • To be honest I haven't had artificial sweeteners for a very long time time but in that first year I lived on cheesecake flavoured with jelly crystals, yum. Then I transitioned to using lemon juice, lime, vanilla powder or cocoa instead. Now it's been at least a couple of years since I've made a cheesecake. I don't make sweet stuff much these days and when I do it's usually because i want to experiment with something so I can share here.

      Cheesecake is fine during induction as long as you stay within your allowed cream and cheese limits for the day.

      If you ever want a cheesecake recipe for a special occasion look up my chocolate swirl cheesecake, the baked version, it is the cheesecake of all cheesecakes :D

      Let us know how you go with the flax/linseed!

      I am about to go outside to let me noisy chickens out, I am expecting lots of frost. It was forecast to be -1C this morning :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Thanks Sherrie. These sound and look amazing (and easy) and I really want to try making them this week.

      Hi Pamchesbay. I've been to Chesapeake Bay, camping back in 2003 (can't remember exactly where). Beautiful, and a lot easier to catch fish there than it is here in Sydney (or maybe I was just lucky).

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    • Yes, the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful and it's great for fishing all year, even in winter. In the warm months (like now), we also set out pots to catch blue crabs - I believe they are the sweetest seafood in the world.

      OK Sherrie, I'm making the baked chocolate swirl cheesecake now, tonight, so it will be ready by morning. I'm so excited at the thought of losing weight while feasting on cheesecake! The base ingredients are in the oven baking. I'm starting work on the filling. This recipe seems tooo easy!

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    • Hi Sherrie,

      I think baking cheesecakes will be another learning experience. Last night's cheesecake sank to about half it's height when baking even though I left it in the oven overnight, took it out at about 6 am, wrapped it up, put it in the fridge.

      I've been reading about why cheesecakes flop or sink - many reasons. Oven temperature changes, ingredients need to be room temperature, not beating the filling long enough, beating the filling too long, the list goes on and on.

      I'll keep at it but want to find a recipe or two for cheesecakes that don't need to be baked but can set up in the fridge (faster).

      Question: One person commented that your chocolate swirl cheesecake isn't good for induction. Do you agree?

      I've been doing the LC thing for 2-3 weeks, not in ketosis yet. I suspect this is because I have a cocktail in the evening - scotch on the rocks or a glass of white wine. The drinks don't have carbs but they do have calories and probably sugar alcohol. The evening cocktail may be what's kept me from going into ketosis. Maybe the cheesecake didn't help either and I need to be more hard core.

      Grandkids arrived on Saturday for a week. The Atkins book arrived today but doubt I'll have much time for reading until after g'kids' visit. One good thing - they will eat just about anything - including a flat cheesecake that isn't sweet enough. ^^
    • Yes I wouldn't have it when first starting out that's why I suggested it for a special occasion. The base alone is not induction friendly because of the nuts.

      I'll move some of these post to an introduction thread for you later so this thread doesn't go too far off topic :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome!

      The g'kids are on the way home now, it's been a crazy and exhausting week but wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. We had two boys this week. The activity they were most interested in was going camping so we decided to sail to an isolated island with large sandy beaches and camp there. We were lucky that they could have the experiences (and memories) they wanted - fishing, swimming, building a campfire and making s'mores, watching the sun set, diving off the boat to cool off, just hanging out together.

      Now it's time to climb back on the Atkins / low carb wagon. I ordered the most recent Atkins book so will be reading and learning over the next several days. The information in this forum is so comprehensive and well-organized. It helped me realize that I was not doing what is necessary during Induction.

      Sherrie, you say you don't make much sweet stuff anymore, haven't made a cheesecake in years. When DH Pete and I were on Atkins several years ago, over time, we kind of lost interest in food or lost interest in eating as a source of pleasure.Food was fuel, nothing more. I wonder if you or others on this forum have had the same experience.

      Take care,
    • I wish I was your grandkid haha

      No I definitely don't think of food as fuel, I like yummy food I just don't crave sweet foods so much anymore and am satisfied with just some 85% dark Lindt dipped in my hot coffee. To me, that is decadence and I don't need cheesecake!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • I should add its taken many years to get to this point where I don't feel the need to make lots of low carb versions of sweet things and I am not trying to be strict or anything so I don't have that added pressure either. I think of it more as a natural progression that's happened on its own.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Sherry, I think I understand the progression. When I did Atkins before, I was surprised when I realized that I wasn't craving carbs in the form of bread, potatoes, etc. - that had always been my downfall. Seems like people love sweets or they love carbs in a more savory form (potatoes, bread, etc).

      My sweet tooth isn't that big unless I'm stressed. Most of the time, I'm happy with some chocolate or a little ice cream - altho reading those cheesecake recipes gave me a craving. Is cheesecake ok when you are on Induction? (I'd be happy to leave off the crusts and just have the fillings).

      I'm reading "The New Atkins for a New You" book before jumping into induction since I forgot so much (like the prohibition on nuts) and the program has changed a bit. I'm glad they have meal plans for Induction - it really helps to have a clear idea of what is okay and not ok before diving into the deep end of the pool.

      The g'kids had a great time. Pete and I are beyond exhausted after 8 days of nonstop kid-oriented activities and 3 days on the water. It's very hot here. Spending all day outside in the heat is draining and you have to mind your water intake. We should be back to normal by tomorrow.
    • That sounds like a movie!! Sailing away to an island for a holiday:-)

      Food has always been a pleasure for me; sharing family times, enjoying time with friends, celebrations, all involve food!

      I have always been a savoury carb kind of person and am really surprised at how little I have missed bread and potatoes but there are so many great alternatives to these foods anyway. I have found the recipe forum a huge help. I have only been doing this WOE for a few weeks but in that time I think we have hardly eaten the same dinner twice; there are so many delicious recipes to try.
    • I used to have the biggest sweet tooth, it was always my down fall :)

      I have that book as well, it's a good book, Atkins books really went down hill after he died then that book was published which in my opinion, is better then the 2002 version.

      Cheesecake without base is fine as long as you stay within your cheese and cream limits. I used to make my batter up and set in cups or ramekins. The key is don't make your batter too sweet just make it, just sweet enough.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Sandran, sailing away to an island sounds like a movie? LOL.

      In my intro, I mentioned that we live on the Chesapeake Bay which is a large estuary on the east coast of the US. Chesapeake Bay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Because of where we live, our lives are controlled by the weather and water. Many of our neighbors make their living as watermen (aka fishermen).

      Our boat is an elderly 26' Telstar trimaran built in the early 1970s. This boat was built strong and sturdy for Round Great Britain Races. We acquired her around 1996 from a guy who sailed her across the Atlantic from GB to Venezuela and the Caribbean. She was a mess when we found her and has spent a large amount of time on the hard (in a yard being repaired, not in the water). She went back in the water a few weeks ago so we are trying to seize the moment - or a few months - before she needs more work or the weather turns cold.

      Despite her age, she's perfect for the Bay. She has a shallow draft so we can sail her up on a sandy beach and put out an anchor or two - she's a trimaran with a solid deck so when we take the sails down out in the Bay, she makes a fine swimming and fishing platform. (Can you tell I love this boat?) When it's just us sailing, we sleep in the cockpit but when we took the boys camping, we all slept in tents. Not my fav accoms but ok for a short time.

      <End of movie>

      Take care and stay warm!