We are stretching for all the wrong reasons

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    • We are stretching for all the wrong reasons

      We stretch to lengthen out tight muscles, enhance performance and repair injured tissues.


      Not necessarily.

      We're stretching for all the wrong reasons, science writer Beth Skwarecki says in a new feature.

      "In many cases, stretching does the opposite of what it's promoted for," Skwarecki says. "You already know that it doesn't prevent injuries.

      "It also doesn't cure muscle soreness; in fact, aggressive stretching can cause muscle soreness. And pre-workout stretches, far from preparing you to work out, actually rob you of strength."

      It is the opposite of what we've been taught about stretching, so what is the truth?

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    • I am going to have to disagree with this. It seems as though it's a very narrow minded analysis of stretching as a whole, focusing on old ways of stretching and not looking at the new found knowledge of what proper stretching is that we have come to know in the past 10 years. Let's start with pre workout stretches. There are 2 forms of stretching and they both have a right time and place. The first is Dynamic Stretching. This form of stretching it what you should do before your workout, your exercise, or any sport you will be playing. This form brings your muscles and your joints through their full range of motion. Getting the blood they need, the fluid they need, the oxygen they need, and the actual heat they need to move in an instance. The post workout stretching is what we all think of when someone says to stretch. This is called Static Stretching. This form of stretching Is when you lengthen your muscles like a rubber band without bouncing. You want to reach and hold the stretch and if so desire push further into it. Proper stretching actually does help preventing most injuries. Does this mean stretching will prevent a broken bone or a separated joint, not a chance. The areas that it does help is when your muscles or joint need a full range of motion or need to slightly push past that full range of motion. Moments like this could be as simple as slipping on ice and you find yourself in a split position. A person who is not flexible enough could possibly tear a muscle, where as an individual who is able to do a split will simply look back and say that could have been bad.

      There are many benefits to be had when you stretch properly. However sadly not many of us have had the proper teachings of how to correctly stretch to get your body ready for movement and to increase your flexibility. A simple way to no what type of stretching to do is Dynamic Prior and Static After.

      Examples of these stretches:
      Dynamic Stretches: Dynamic Stretches and Stretching Routine
      Static Stretches: Static Stretching Exercises