How do I devise a diet with so many food intolerances?

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    • How do I devise a diet with so many food intolerances?

      Hi. I am 48 and an incomplete quadriplegic, and need to lose weight. I have diabetes, and am allergic to night shade vegetables, so potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, capsicum are out, and the only meat I eat is chicken.
      I am trying to figure out tasty food that I can eat. It is difficult to think of different things when I am so limited. I have tried gluten free products but they are too expensive and not that nice.
      I have managed to lose 10 kg over the last 10 months or so but it's difficult when I can't exercise much. I'm down to 79 kg, but when you're only 5ft 1, and sitting down, every kg looks like 5, lol
      I am really not sure where to start when it comes to low carb, and I get bored with the same old stuff. Any and all ideas gratefully appreciated.
    • Welcome Wheeliegal :)

      Hmm I think the main thing that I would miss is tomatoes but there's lots of things you can still eat that doesn't include tomatoes. If you like curries and stews you could try adding a bit of pumpkin instead of tomatoes unfortunately they're not as low as tomatoes so your mileage may vary.

      What types of foods do you like to eat?
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