What happens if you eat 5800 calories on an LCHF diet?

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    • What happens if you eat 5800 calories on an LCHF diet?

      What Happens If You Eat 5,800 Calories Daily on an LCHF Diet? - Diet Doctor

      To cut a long story short, a smallish guy ate 5800 calories a day on LCHF for 3 weeks and only gained 1.7kg, which is a lot less than the calories-in-calories-out theorists would predict. And vastly less than others have gained by eating similar amounts of calories on typical modern High-Carb-High-Fat diets.

      My first thought was that his calories were 10% carbs, so he was getting 580 calories per day from carbs - or about 145 grams of carbs. I would call that a moderate-carb diet, since most of us try to stick to less than 20 grams of carbs per day for weight loss.
    • Yeah I wouldn't call 145 grams low carb at all!

      Hmm just looking at the photos I just don't think that's a good example that shows anything. When you're slim, fit and young you can get away with a lot. Also, changes in metabolism, enzymes etc don't happen overnight, his body would've been caught off guard initially.

      If he could show that over a longer period of time in a middle age woman, that's battled with middle age spread he might have something :)
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