A great recipe clipper. Tweak any recipe.

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    • A great recipe clipper. Tweak any recipe.

      I use Copy Me That to keep all my recipes in one place. It can clip recipes from any website and what I really love is that I can then change the recipes to fit my low-carb diet. I used to to use Pinterest, but it doesn't really have anywhere to put my changes. The meal planner is also super helpful. I just signed up on this forum (hi!) and wanted to mention this when I saw there was a hints forum!! I had a question about Copy Me That once and the developer wrote right back! When does that ever happen?


      There is also an app, but I have only used the website.
    • What about copyright of authors recipes and photos? I installed a recipe/shopping app on my ipad once to find my photo of a low carb cake I made used as the photo of someones else's totally different cake recipe and attributed to someone else.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Sherrie!

      Good question! I'm not sure about the laws, but when I look at recipes in my own recipe box, then I can see the complete recipe, but if I look at other people's recipes (that they have shared), then I don't see the steps. Instead, there's a link to the original website. If I copy a recipe then it's not possible for me to delete or change the link to the original website.

      That must have been really annoying to see your own photo used like that! And to know that your photo was good enough for others to use and then get no credit.
    • Yes and there was another recipe where my recipe and words were cut and paste along with my photo. Seeing my stuff in some shopping/recipe app on my ipad let alone for it to be attributed elsewhere, was the last thing I expected to see!

      Pinterest I don't mind as its just taking the image and links to you plus if you don't want it to scrape your images you can easily block its bots. But others like this could be just trying to scrape other peoples content to build their own off the back of others hard work.

      For example I find this concerning, what does it mean? What if a recipe section is private, say this recipe section is private will it still copy my recipes on to its own site?

      (Click to set source)
      Want your own copy of the complete recipe?
      Sign up to copy any recipe from any website with a click.

      and the privacy page where they only seem concerned with the members not the actual authors of the recipes they are scraping:

      For registered users:

      We do collect some information from you when you register, such as your email address. We do not share this information with anyone.

      You retain ownership of your own recipes and images. (what so now the members owns the recipe and image that was scraped off of someone elses website?) The default is that your recipes and images are private, only viewable by you. If you do choose to make your recipes publicly viewable in our Shared Recipes (Community) section then your recipes and images may appear in other locations, as Copy Me That cannot control who uses information that you choose to make publicly viewable. If you do choose to share your recipes and images then Copy Me That may use them in our outreach campaigns, for example showing an image on our Facebook page that links to one of the recipes that you have chosen to share.

      When you register then you will automatically receive our newsletter, and can always choose to unsubscribe, either in your profile settings or from within a newsletter.

      We register the pages from which you copy recipes. All information that you enter or upload is saved in a database. When you copy a recipe, all information on that page is uploaded, not just the recipe. (um?) However, when you copy a recipe from Facebook, only the selected post is uploaded. Your data are not necessarily deleted from our servers when you delete them from your account. Copy Me That cannot be held liable in case your data is lost, altered, or compromised, even if it's our fault. Copy Me That also cannot be held liable for any effects caused by an incorrectly copied recipe.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • I guess it's like printing a recipe. I can always print a recipe from someone's website or even copy-paste it into a file in Google Docs (which I sometimes did before). Now I just have it in my Copy Me That recipe box instead of in Google. I can't share the full recipe or delete the link to the original website. The community section kind of looks like Yummly where they also show the ingredients and a link. I thought that was ok. My friend uses Evernote which copies complete webpages into her online account. I don't know if she can share the contents.
    • Its more then just printing a recipe for personal use because they're also making it available online. It's the equivalent to going to a library and photocopying recipe pages as its displayed from various books and then putting them together into their own book and publishing the book into multiple copies but without asking for permission by any of those authors.

      They also state they take all information on that page, so that's not just the entire recipe but code, peoples replies, everything, what do they do with it?

      I realise you said they only publish part but that could still be the majority part of a recipe but also why do they say this besides the recipe to get people to sign up to their site on the back of someone else's recipe "Want your own copy of the complete recipe?"
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.