Low Carb or Paleo Chicken Patties

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    • Low Carb or Paleo Chicken Patties

      I made these last night, they are basically a low carb version of tuna patties except I used chicken. When Maya couldn't have amines I used to make chicken ones for her and they were really good. I thought I'd stuffed them up as the mix felt too wet but surprisingly they worked.

      I didn't have as much cauliflower as I thought, I was planning to have more mash. You can used leftover Roast chicken or poach some chicken breasts. I used about 1.5 poached chicken breasts. I was planning on using 2 breasts but it looked like too much chicken compared to mash so I stopped. I will keep experimenting until I get them just right. I did rush mine too and leave until last minute, really you should make the mix earlier in the day so it firms up in fridge. If you eat dairy you can add grated mozzarella to the mix, it will help it bind like my spaghetti squash patties.

      Next time I will make tuna ones.

      I made 2 versions, paleo and low carb, the only differences between the two was the coating. For paleo I used arrowroot, this version was my fave because it has that true crispy coating. For low carb I used Parmesan powder. Make sure your pan and oil/fat is hot first before putting them into the pan, they shouldn't stick then. I had no issues with sticking to my surprise as they were a lot more wet then when I have made potato ones in the past. You could even use sesame seeds, almond flour etc or a combination its up to you. I wanted to keep my first ones simple so I can easily tell what works.

      Also I used a whole egg as I cracked it straight in there but it made the mash quite wet so you might want to use less.

      You can spice these up if you wish or add herbs, I keep these plain for Maya and I was already taking a risk with the mash, she still doesn't know I used cauliflower hehe

      I cant give exact amounts for the coating yet because I used both with the same mix, I just eye balled it.

      My dinner last night, these were Parmesan:

      Paleo ones I made for the others using arrowroot:

      Low Carb or Paleo Chicken Patties

      Makes: 10 patties


      1.5 cooked chicken breasts, shredded
      250g of peeled butternut pumpkin/squash, cubed
      500g cauliflower broken into florets
      1 egg
      freshly ground salt and pepper
      Oil/fat etc for shallow frying

      Mozarella, grated
      Dab of butter if you wish

      Paleo Coating:
      Arrowroot Flour
      Freshly ground salt and pepper

      Low Carb Coating
      Parmesan Powder (or experiment with nut flours or sesame etc)
      Freshly ground salt and pepper


      Preheat oven to 170C
      Coat pumpkin in a little oil and roast in oven until cooked.

      Place cauliflower in a saucepan with water and boil until tender. Drain, mash califlower to release more water and drain again. You want to remove as much water as you can because it will help keep it workable.
      Mash pumpkin into cauliflower add butter and mozarella if using, season and then add lightly beaten egg, (you may prefer not to use all of the egg) and add chicken. Refrigerate until cool. The colder the easier it will be to work with.

      Combine your chosen coating with seasonings into a shallow bowl. Line a plate with baking paper.

      Roll a spoonfull of the mash in your hand and form into a pattie quickly and dunk into the coating then place on plate. Put back in fridge for 20 minutes or so.

      Warm pan up with fat or oil and once hot place patties into pan and fry. Once the bottom is cooked to your liking flip over and cook the other side.

      Remove from pan and serve with your chosen side :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.