Healthy cookbooks?

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    • Any particular type? Low carb, paleo etc?

      I like Pete Evans Family Food and even more so I like Luke and Scotts Clean Living books.

      But I don't actively seek healthy cook books rather just cookbooks from Authors that usually have recipes I like and if I need to, I make them healthier. I have almost all of Jamie Oliver's books whilst I have been low carbing at the same time. I also have a lot of books by Tessa Kiros, she brings in lots of different cultures in her recipes which I like. Ultimately I always end up with lots of cook books with a few recipes I've tried in each and often forget these days because Garry cooks a lot more.

      One book I have is the Nourishing Traditions book by Sally Fallon. This has a lot of traditional basics like stock, fermented veggies, soaking nuts etc My only issue with it is that it lacks pictures!
      There's also recipes using grains that have been prepared so as to be digested better if you plan to have them back in your diet at some point in time.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • I am a cookbook tragic, I have a lot of cookbooks and some of them I haven't even made one recipe from. Often I buy cookbooks when they are marked down by more than 50%, and then when I take a look inside I realize why they weren't selling in the first place.

      Most of the time when I want to cook something I look it up on the internet, or in one of my Women's Weekly collections (I have 2 that are almost phone book sized).

      It is still rare to see low-carb cookbooks in the shops, but Paleo is becoming more and more popular. Often in regular cookbooks you can find recipes that are low carb or that can easily be modified to be low-carb. If you don't mind cauliflower then it can be substituted for rice and goes well with a lot of curries or Asian stir fries.