Lower grain consumption has not stopped obesity in Australia

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    • Lower grain consumption has not stopped obesity in Australia

      Good news with some comedy mixed in, you will see as you read.

      For example, apparently we need our grains that have had synthetic vitamins added to them in order to avoid deficiencies. That can all be taken care of with a simple multivitamin or better yet from eating natural sources such as meat and vegetables :)

      Australians' consumption of core grains has plummeted by 30 per cent in the last three years.

      The fad diets, paleo broths and fear of gluten have driven the change.

      While grain farmers will not notice the impact because Australia has a ready export market, research suggests the shift to grain-free puts people's health at risk.

      The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, made up of researchers, nutritionists, grain growers and cereal makers is worried, not just because grain is an industry, but because grains are part of the healthy diet pyramid.

      "So what we've found is that while people are still eating grain foods, they've reduced consumption," said dietician and general manager of the Council, Michelle Broom.

      "There's been a rapid drop by almost 30 per cent of the amount of grain foods, core grains like cereals and breads, that people are eating. It's happened in three years."

      Read the rest here: Lower grain consumption has not stopped obesity in Australia - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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