The real experience of ‘fatigue’

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    • The real experience of ‘fatigue’

      An interesting read and thought I'd share for awareness as who knows it may help someone one day :)

      ME Research UK wrote:

      We all know, however, that the bald word ‘fatigue’ doesn’t begin to describe the experiences of ME/CFS patients. Many of them point out that their major problem is not the fatigue per se (which is shared with perhaps 1–4% of the population), but the conjunction of post-exercise severe fatigue, malaise, pain and other symptoms.

      We also know that the ‘fatigue’ in ME/CFS patients is more severe than in many other diseases. This was shown in an ME Research UK-funded study (see report) by Prof.David Jones and colleagues at Newcastle University who examined data from 600 people across 5 chronically ill disease groups; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, vasovagal syncope, primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and ME/CFS.

      The most startling finding was that fatigue severity was far higher in the ME/CFS patients than any of the other patient groups (total Fatigue Impact Scale score 102, compared with the primary biliary cirrhosis group which was next highest at 41), and that it impacted on other aspects of life, such as cognitive and social functioning.

      Read the entire article here: The real experience of ‘fatigue’ – ME Research UK
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