Sliced loaf sales crumble as shoppers cut out carbs

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    • Sliced loaf sales crumble as shoppers cut out carbs

      An interesting story in the UK news, I'm guessing it's happening everywhere including Australia, it's taken a long time but finally getting there :)

      Even if say people are baking bread instead of buying sliced bread it still has to make it less convenient and slow down their consumption of it aswell as encourage them into thinking about what goes into the bread.

      Sliced loaf sales crumble as shoppers cut out carbs: Amount sold down by £100m in 2015 with pasta, rice and potatoes also seeing a fall

      • Brown bread sales down by seven per cent and white bread four per cent
      • Study suggests shoppers put off sliced bread due to level of carbohydrates
      • Home baking is increasing in popularity with bakeware sales soaring
      • Sales of pain au chocolat rise by 10 per cent and scones eight per cent

      The sliced loaf is being ditched by shoppers as they cut out carbohydrates in a bid to lose weight.

      Sales are down by more than £100million this year compared with 2014 – to £1.72billion.

      The rejection of sliced bread is part of a wider move away from carbohydrates, with declining sales of potatoes, pasta and rice.

      Read the article in full here: Bread, pasta, rice and potatoes sales crumble as shoppers cut carbs | Daily Mail Online
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    • Aldi in QLD is doing a low carb bread called Kornig (purple packaging). Really yummy and 4.6g carbs per serve (2 slices). I buy it whenever I see it and keep a stockpile in the freezer. I haven't seen it when I went looking in a couple of Canberra stores, so will have to take a loaf when I go down next month. One slice with my soup, or under a poached egg makes a huge difference. Lots of nuts and seeds in it, and the fibre is good for the tummy. I am not sure if it is available in other states.
    • Before Christmas the supermarkets were selling lollies (candy) at ridiculously cheap prices. Chocolates as well - plenty at around 50% off before Christmas, and 75% off after Christmas. It seems like people are actually waking up and seeing that they need to reduce carbs, especially simple carbs like sugar and processed flour. Seems like elements of what were considered "fad" diets are now becoming mainstream.