Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

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    • Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

      This is a very simple recipe that I never thought to post even though I make it a lot but I thought I should for those that try to add turmeric to their diet for its health benefits. When you use turmeric for health you need to heat it as well as make sure to eat it with fat and black pepper, these will help it do its thing.

      I just quickly grabbed an ipad photo that I used on instagram the other day, I don't like it so I will try to remember to use my camera during the week :)

      I actually buy my turmeric from an Equestrian store as it is organic, cheap and doesn't have any of the curcumin removed. You need to be aware when buying it as a regular spice they often have a lot of the curcumin removed to be used for supplements.

      Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

      2-3 Eggs
      1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
      Milk/Cream (doesn't have to be dairy)
      Butter/Ghee/Coconut oil (whichever you prefer)
      Freshly ground pink salt and black pepper

      Add a dash of milk to a small bowl or cup with turmeric and stir until combined then add eggs and stir.

      Add your chosen fat/oil to pan and bring to medium high heat then add egg mixture and start to turn down heat (whatever works best for your stove).

      Add salt then with a fork go around the edge of the pan and bring the eggs in from the outside to the center until you have a bunch of soft tender clouds, the aim is not to brown it just rather set it to big juicy clouds :)

      Remove from pan and sprinkle over black pepper. I like to serve mine with a cut up avocado. sometimes I add a little green jalepeno sauce (byron bay brand) or have with a spoon of kimchi.

      Enjoy :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.