Cancer and genes: Have we got it badly wrong?

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    • Cancer and genes: Have we got it badly wrong?

      An interesting read on an important topic :)

      Starve cancer cells of sugar
      An example of what she is talking about is cutting back on carbohydrates and especially sugar because cancer cells are well known to need much more glucose than healthy cells, so starving then makes sense. Bissell cautions that once a tumour has developed any such approach should be combined with regular drug treatment.

      Early work supports the damaging role of sugar. A paper published by Onodera and Bissell just this past year in J. Clinical Investigation showed that overtly tumorigenic breast cancer cell lines could be “reverted to a quiescent and normal phenotype if glucose (sugar) was removed from the medium in which these were cultivated.”

      Cancer cells’ high sugar demand is usually said to be a result of cells turning cancerous. However Bissell has found that a high level of blood sugar (glucose) can itself promotes cancer and what’s more that cutting back on sugar can reverse it.
      “More research is needed but a dramatic increase in sugar intake could be a cause of oncogenesis,” she says on the Berkeley Lab website. The change involved a protein called GLUT3, involved in moving glucose into cells, which is found in very high levels in cancerous breast tissue.

      Read in full here: Cancer and genes: Have we got it badly wrong? | HealthInsightUK
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    • I have a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 5 and a half years ago. According to the prognosis he was given he should have been dead 5 years ago.

      He hasn't gone into remission at any point either, but he has spent a lot of money trying every treatment out there.

      He has been on a ketogenic diet for the past couple of years and he monitors his cancer antigen levels constantly. He knows that when his antigen levels are up (bad) it usually relates to not following his ketogenic diet strictly enough.

      Good to see that the research is catching up.