New to Keto/LCHF and loving it!

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    • New to Keto/LCHF and loving it!

      Hi All

      Mark from Australia here. I have done an atkin's style diet back when I was younger, 17 or so, and lost 26KG on it. Of course that's when I was courting. I found a nice girl, settled down and have been married a very happy 12 years. Of course with marriage comes contentment, and home cooking. I put the weight back on, and at last weigh in which was 22/2/2016, I weigh 109KG. I have no regrets, I have two beautiful children, and now as they are growing up (3 and 5) I want to be able to do more things with them, and be around for their whole lives. I am quite fit, I cycle a fair bit, and have done the 200km Ride to Conquer cancer events over the past 3 years. I just dont have the diet to help me lose weight.

      I have tried everything however I have trouble sticking with diets for longer than a week. I think doing research on different ways to lost is my own worst enemy. This time feels different, I am taking the mindset that moving to the LCHF/REAL FOOD eating plan, is a lifestyle, and not just a quick fix like my mindset was previously. I was on shakes last week, again, only lasted about 5 days. I was extremely hungry, had headaches, felt faint a lot of the time, and just got sick of it.

      Keto is different. Its a lot more sustainable than shake diets, which are just a quick fix and not actually changing eating habits. I am the first to say my eating habits were disgraceful. Portions were huge, bad choices were made.

      I didnt realise how big the options are with LCHF foods. Eggs for brekky, meat and salad and fats for lunch and meat and vege for dinner. Eating this way, I am simply not hungry for snacks, however when I do, I have discovered small handful of nuts, peanut butter, celery, tuna, chicken pieces, olives, etc etc etc. It's about having access to this in the fridge, which is a huge help.

      Anyway, I could continue all day about me, but I will leave it at that. I am keen to try some more receipes, than the normal homemade hamburgers and cheese for lunch lol

      I am also on myfitnesspal as 'markyrocks' so feel free to hit me up there also.

      Thank you and talk soon I hope :)
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      Final Goal: 85KG! (24/12/2017)
    • Hi Mark!

      Welcome to this great community! Your story sounds much like mine (minus the 12 years marriage and kids lol). However, I've decided to shed some weight and get back to a healthy, manageable size.

      I look forward to some more posts on your progress moving forward!

      All the best! :)
    • Welcome Mark! :)

      Glad you're off the shakes, their bad for women let alone men!

      LCHF seems to be getting quite popular in sports lately especially endurance sports, you should do well!

      Good luck!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.