Whats The Right Diet For You - series on SBS (3 part)

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    • Whats The Right Diet For You - series on SBS (3 part)

      Last night I watched the first two parts of the series, Whats The Right Diet For You, and it was so interesting.

      What's The Right Diet For You? Series 1 | SBS Food

      In a ground-breaking experiment, this series brings together the world’s foremost experts in genetics, biochemistry, neuroscience, nutrition science and applied behavioural medicine to test the latest weight loss theory.
      Weight loss is not one size fits all – so the only way to diet successfully is to understand your body’s individual biology and bespoke needs. This means that struggling with a diet is not all down to a failure of willpower: it may be a biological backlash.
      Based on the latest scientific research, the central tenet of this theory suggests the key to sustained weight loss could be in knowing which physiological group, or diet tribe, you belong to. If proved correct, it could have the potential to transform our approach to dieting.
      For the first time, What’s The Right Diet For You? puts the theory to the test on 75 dieters. Over the course of three episodes, the series follows individual dieters through the ups and downs of their individual weight loss progress. But will the experiment prove a success? This series combines rock-solid scientific authority with an appealing invitation to engage with dieters’ individual transformations, and the promise of new, relevant knowledge applicable to all interested in staying slim.

      They are put into three groups, The Feasters- The Emotional Eaters- The Constant Eaters......my problem was I thought I belonged in each group. The Feasters have been put on the High Protein Low Gi carb diet, The Emotional Eaters are on the Low Calorie Diet and the Constant Eaters are on the 5.2 diet.

      I am really looking forward to watching the final episode next week. If you haven't seen the show, do yourself a favour and go to SBS catch-up whether it be on the internet or on telstra tv.

    • The secret group tests were amazing. It was not a pro high protein or pro low calorie etc, it really shows that there are different type's of people, The Feasters who never feel full (the gut is not sending enough special enzymes to the brain)....the emotional eaters, they eat to feel better, they showed an MRI test with a chocolate milkshake was a real eye opener, and the constant eaters, who graze all day.

      I still think I fit all categories. lol