Australia’s growing obsession with food tribes

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    • Australia’s growing obsession with food tribes

      Notice they go on about allergies and food intolerances but make no mention of diabetes, metabolic syndrome etc which is one of the biggest reasons people drop the carbs. There may only be 2 out of 100 with allergies but we all know it's a totally different ball game when it comes to insulin and blood sugar related conditions!

      Even tolerances such as fructose malabsorption is very common and one of the biggest reasons people feel better without gluten because wheat also contains fructans. Recently I have been seeing lots of articles in my feed in relation to gluten and mental health such as this:

      Frontiers | Bread and Other Edible Agents of Mental Disease | Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

      Yet seven million Australians follow a low-carb diet; four million of us are gluten-free and an additional one in three adults say they’re trying to go gluten-free (although only one in 70 are thought to actually have coeliac disease); 240,000 follow the paleo diet (based on foods eaten by early humans, consisting of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, and excluding dairy, grains and processed food) and the same number have eliminated all sugar.

      One in four is on a high-protein diet, and 6.5 per cent are lactose-free. Add that to the two million vegetarians and 480,000 vegans, and that makes for some very complicated dinner-party planning.

      There can also be a dangerous side to these food tribes. “When people say they’re following a particular regimen [and they don’t have a genuine allergy or intolerance], it simply covers up for saying: ‘I’m on a diet,’” says Dr McMillan.

      Like Hollywood celebs, more Aussies are becoming obsessed with food tribes
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    • Thanks Sherrie.

      Interesting about the number of people the article says are following low-carb and/or paleo. Also some nonsense, as you have pointed out.

      They imply that if you don't have a demonstrable allergy to (for example) gluten then you're just avoiding it to be part of a trend.

      In my case I don't have food allergies. But allergies are, I suspect, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons why people avoid certain foods.

      I can't digest wheat or lactose properly. If I don't limit those I have all sorts of problems. Sure I don't go into anaphylactic shock, but the issues I have with certain foods are still very real.