eating out danger

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    • eating out danger

      I went to China Diner here in Hobart and what did I find out?

      I thought I was careful to choose all the low carb menu items from the all you can eat buffet

      they all tasted a bit sweet to me which was very strange so I asked the question

      apparently that is what restaurants do these days - because sugar is a cheap ingredient they put as much sugar as you can tolerate without it tasting like a dessert into meat dishes because that way they can save money on the real ingredient that should be in there - meat or chicken or fish

      so you think you are choosing menu items responsibly but the chefs are packing sugar into any food they can to thwart your best efforts at eating to your chosen diet plan or worse - if you are diabetic they do not care if your health is endangered by their irresponsible secret loading of sugar into everything they think they can get away with.

      so next time you eat out, consider seriously asking the chef to make your food especially and requesting that it contain absolutely no sugar. you will be surprised at the huge difference between the food they sell everyone and the food they then cook for you

      this may not be in the correct section so please Sherrie feel free to move it where you think it would do the most good. I would hate the idea of anyone, especially the chronically ill, to be deceived into eating a whole mountain of sugar just for their profit margin
    • Yeah I don't trust buffets as far as sugar or flour goes, I would only ever go for reasonably safe things like meats and salads which you probably wouldn't find in a Chinese buffet.

      Its been a long time since I've eaten at a Chinese restaurant but garlic king prawns and Tom Yum I used to be able to do alright with.
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    • The problem may also be that many Chinese restaurants, particularly buffets, are using cheap sauces that they buy in large containers.

      For example, if I am cooking at home I might use a good quality black bean and garlic sauce that has a tiny amount of sugar and costs $6 or so for a small jar. But I check the ingredients when I'm looking for a sauce - some are almost 50% sugar.

      A Chinese buffet might use a sauce that costs $10 (I'm guessing) for a 2 litre container. The only way to make a sauce that cheap is to use lots of cheap ingredients like sugar, salt, chemical flavour enhancers.
    • this is true but I was talking about getting from the buffet foods that do not have sauces - the chefs load them with sugar as much as they think they can get away with. they are not above coating chicken in sugar and then cooking it so you think you are getting a normal piece of chicken and dont know there is a lot of hidden sugar in that piece of normal looking chicken.

      this is simply something to be very wary of and includes other types of restaurants who may be doing the same things

      eating at home is always the best because you know exactly what you are putting in the foods. but I deplore the dishonest tactics that are used by restaurants

      we have been aware that the food industry has been loading foods with sugar everywhere they can get away with it in the foods you buy at the supermarkets, well then now dont trust restaurants too much either
    • Sherrie yes I went for the chicken and salad and the chicken tasted sweet so I asked them do they add sugar to chicken and they did not reply they just quickly offered to cook me some chicken as a special order.

      in other words they are sugar-doping all foods, including steak and chicken and fish because sugar is cheap and at all you can eat restaurants sugar will make your body feel like you have eaten enough sooner so they save money while loading you up with bad for you sugars

      just be wary all your friends here - restaurants will sugar dope.

      incidentally on JJJ radio I heard that a lot of restaurants buy powdered insects including cockroaches because it is a cheap way to add protein and get away with it

      so dont trust chefs where their profit is all that is important to them lol