Dilworth's new diet a recipe for success

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    • Dilworth's new diet a recipe for success

      Hows this, a boarding school in NZ is following LCHF!

      Needing to lose a little weight himself, Johnston decided to personally test the diet before letting the students and their parents know he was planning to turn their eating habits upside down.

      "I did it - and I lost 27 kilos, so it works."

      Losing the weight saw Johnston reverse a number of serious health issues. He is now able to exercise and has become something of a role model to the students.

      Head chef overall Robert McDonald says the menu change has been controversial but is paying off. The school has a high population of Maori and Pacific Islanders who, he says, may tend to be heavier than other students.

      Pasifika students make up 38 per cent of the student body, Europeans make up 27.5 per cent, Maori 24 per cent and Asian 7.5 per cent.

      The ethnicity of the schools students caused controversy last month when four members of the Old Boys Association questioned it was an "imbalance" and were consequently suspended.

      Individually monitored weekly – the boys have lost centimetres from their waistlines and seen reductions in their Body Mass Indexes.

      "We've still got boys getting taller, fitter and stronger. We don't want them shrinking," Johnston says.

      "It's not a diet, it's not about restricting the food that the boys are being given or getting. It's about giving them the appropriate quantity – but whole foods which are low in carbohydrates and therefore low in sugar."

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