Insulin spikes

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    • Insulin spikes

      I've been reading lots about insulin spikes and just wondered a few things.
      From what I understand every time you eat something your insulin spikes - I get that, but my question is, is there anything you can have/drink that wont spike it? Black coffee, water? I currently drinking coffee with cream, but I think I am getting my fat % right so think I prob should cut down a little on the cream consumption!!! So if I change to black coffee is that ok?
      Another theory is the longer between meals the more fat the ketons (I think) is using on your body not in the foods you eat. Is this right or am I barking up the wrong tree? :huh:

    • It really depends on how you feel, something may give a bigger spike if fat isn't present and not everyone handles caffeine well. But the only way to know is to try it and see!

      Yes time between meals can mean that but at the end of the day it's all about your calories over the course of the day so if you're in a deficit you should lose the same amount whether it's broken up between 3 meals or 6. But don't forget you have a perfectly long break from eating when you sleep.

      Having said that, people often prefer the break between meals which is ultimately a sign of stable blood sugars. Some people prefer frequent meals instead as their sugars may drop too low and then others don't handle having to plan so many meals and feel they're constantly eating and then start to struggle sticking with it.
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    • I know a lot less about this than Sherrie and I'm just talking from personal experience and a few articles I've read.

      Insulin spikes seem to affect some people more than others. In my case I know that I get very sleepy in the afternoons if I am consuming a lot of carbohydrates, and I also get cravings for sweet and carby foods and drinks every couple of hours.

      If I'm doing low carb for a while I hardly get hungry at all and I have to remind myself to eat something. I assume that this means that my body has adjusted to the lack of sugar and simple carbs and has stopped flooding me with insulin. So my energy and concentration levels are more stable and I need less sleep.

      It's important to "listen" to your body and see how it reacts to changes in diet.