Fasolakia Yachni

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    • Fasolakia Yachni

      I made Fasolakia today for lunch. I first tried it a year or two ago, one of Garry's Greek friends sent him home with some for us to try and we really loved it. It's been on my mind ever since but I keep getting distracted. I thought I'd check my recipe books by Tessa Kiros and there it was! It's a perfect low carb dish. Basically, it is green beans stewed in a tomato sauce. I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to get flat green beans for the recipe but have had no luck but as the weather warms up they should get easier to find. So for now I used green baby beans. I sprinkled feta over mine when serving but you don't need it, feta isn't part of the recipe, just a condiment. This is often eaten on its own as a main meal, sometimes they add potato to fill it out more. Pumpkin would go nice if you're maintaining and can afford the extra carbs :)

      Fasolakia Yachni - Green Beans Stewed in Tomato


      800g - 1kg prepared Green Beans, preferably flat green beans.
      1 can of crush tomatoes (you can use fresh when in season)
      100ml Olive Oil
      1 red onion, diced
      3-5 garlic cloves, crushed
      handful of chopped flat leaf parsley
      1/4 teaspoon (slightly heaped) of ground cinnamon
      Freshly ground black pepper and salt
      1 cup of water

      Optional: Greek Feta


      Heat olive oil in large pot/pan, add onions and cook until soft.

      Add garlic and cook until it releases aroma then add parsley, tomatoes, pepper and generous amount of salt. Simmer for several minutes over medium heat until tomatoes collapse.

      Add water then lay green beans over the top and sprinkle over the cinnamon (do not stir), cover until brought to boil.

      Stir in green beans then simmer covered for 20 minutes or until beans are soft, stirring occasionally to keep beans in sauce.

      Turn off heat and let sit covered for a bit to absorb the flavours then serve warm. If you like serve with some feta.

      Enjoy :)
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