Bacon and Cauliflower Quiche

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    • Bacon and Cauliflower Quiche

      I decided to make a bacon and cauliflower quiche last night as I forgot to buy some broccoli but had a head of cauliflower in the fridge. It turned out really good :)

      I only had 100g of bacon so that's all I used but next time I would use at-least 200g.

      I pan fry my cauliflower to brown it without softening it too much. I like it to still have some crunch with a good bit of char on it when I take it off the stove. Just cook it the way you like it but frying avoids it going watery if it starts to fry a bit too hot just add a spoon of water to settle it down. I was worried I ruined mine last night as the automatic heat up which heats up really fast didn't turn off like it should but I got to it just in time. :)

      Low Carb Bacon and Cauliflower Quiche

      600g/21oz Cauliflower florets (fresh)
      100g/3.5oz Bacon chopped (I recommend adding more bacon)
      4 Ex Large Eggs
      300ml/10fl oz Thick Cream
      handful of fresh chopped chives
      2 small cloves of garlic
      150g/5oz of your favourite cheese(s) freshly grated
      40g/1.5oz parmesan, grated
      Generous pinch/grating of nutmeg
      Freshly ground salt and black pepper.
      Olive oil/butter for frying.

      Preheat Oven to 170C/340F (fan forced)

      Grease large quiche dish with butter.

      In a large pan (I used cast iron), saute cauliflower until cooked to your liking then place into quiche dish.

      Next fry up bacon and garlic and spread over cauliflower.

      In a mixing bowl combine, eggs, cream, cheeses (except Parmesan), chives, nutmeg, salt and pepper and pour over cauliflower and bacon.

      Gently press cauliflower down and give a good swish and tap to make sure its all incorporated among the cauliflower then sprinkle over parmesan.

      Place in oven and bake for around 30 minutes when its golden with a wobble in the middle. Rest on bench for 20 minutes or so and serve warm.

      Enjoy :)
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