Baked chicken and mushrooms in a sour cream sauce

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    • Baked chicken and mushrooms in a sour cream sauce

      Hi Everyone I made this dish last night and thought I'd share. It's one I just made up so I don't have measurements!

      4 pieces of chicken breast (approx 1kg)
      4 pieces of garlic finely diced
      1 Tablespoon of finely chopped fresh tarragon
      Salt & pepper
      Bag of mushrooms (from woollies)
      Sour cream
      Olive oil

      Wash and pat dry chicken breast and remove any sinewy. Place in a large bowl.
      Add Papricka, Salt & Pepper
      Add tarragon
      Add about a tablespoon of oil and combine all ingredients well.
      Heat a non stick pan and brown chicken on each side, remove to a bake dish.
      Place chicken in a 180deg oven for 10 minutes. Meanwhile empty mushrooms into the same bowl chicken was in and coat mushrooms in left over marinade and then add to same pan that you cooked chicken in and fry till just softened.
      Add approx 3 dessert spoons of sour cream and reduce heat to a simmer. Add more salt & pepper if needed.
      Add about 1/2 of cream to mushroom sauce...TASTE AS YOU GO!!

      Add sauce to chicken after chickens been in oven for 10 minutes! Sprinkle some more tarragon over at the end and back for a further 10 minutes!

      This can be served with Cauli Mash, steams beans but we had it just as it was.
    • Sounds really good. I might try making it with chicken drumsticks instead. My wife and kids could have theirs with rice and I could have mine with cauliflower (or neat).

      It would be interesting to play around with the herbs as well. We have a lot of fresh herbs growing in the backyard, but no tarragon.