Tuna Mornay

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    • Tuna Mornay

      thought I would share my very own tuna mornay, I have a thermomix but you could use any decent blender really. Will put non thermomix in bold italic, this is really delicious and will not kick you out of ketosis

      Gwens Tuna Mornay Low carb style
      serves 4.. depends how greedy you are
      Cauli puree
      600 grams of cauliflower
      150 grams butter
      25 grams water
      salt and pepper

      Rice Cauli ( i did this in 2 batches) , add water, pop into Thermy speed 4, varoma temp, 10 (blitz cauli until it resembles rice, steam for 5 minutes till cooked)
      minutes MC on, when done.. add diced butter salt and pepper and blend on speed 8 for 1 minute, MC on (once cooked, add butter, blitz again for about a minute until its really smooth)
      set aside (doesnt necessarily need to be kept warm, I used left overs from night before

      Tuna Mix
      1 large can of tuna, I like the italian one in oil, drained a little bit
      1.5 cup broccoli florets
      1.5 cup of califlower pieces (used to bulk out)
      1 cup diced celery
      1 med onion diced
      Red capsicum diced up
      i cup of grated cheese extra for baking
      1/2 to 1 teaspoon of vegie stock (to taste)
      half cup of sour cream or fresh cream
      sprinkle of paprika
      1 egg (optional, I thought my mix was a bit dry)
      mix ingedients together, add to caulie puree, here is where you decide if you want the egg or not, put into a baking tray, smooth the top a little add extra grated tasty cheese and a sprinkle of paprika

      optional extras

      some cherry tomatoes
      boiled eggs pushed into mix before baking
      fresh spinach
      low carb nacho chips for dipping
      your unlimited to what you add ,,.. it must be from the green list.
      bake in oven about 170 for 30 minutes.. watch that the top doesnt burn
      serve with side salad.
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