eggplant fries

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    • eggplant fries

      this was yummy. serves two big helpings

      1 eggplant
      1.4 cup oil
      gluten flour or parmesan cheese

      peel eggplant and cut into thick slices. put on plate and sprinkle salt to draw out water for about 20 mins. pat dry with paper towel and slice into chips. put into plastic bag with either gluten flour or parmesan cheese and shake until eggplant is covered.
      NOTE: if using gluten flour, be careful to put eggplant straight into pan of oil as the gluten flour becomes sticky very quickly. your chips will stick together.

      put eggplant chips in frying pan with the oil and fry over medium heat. i found they cooked prety quickly.

      Drain and serve. My boyfriend loved these and he's a potato guy.

      Totals with gluten flour: P 9.5 F 93 C 8 Cals 890
      Totals with parmesan" P 8 F 98 C 6 Cals 915
      cheers, sam

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