Hello from Ontario!

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    • Hello from Ontario!

      Hi All! I found your boards while searching low carb recipes. I am a type 2 diabetic and have adapted a low carb lifestyle - still struggle some days to get the hi fat in. I will be 50 in a couple weeks, which boggles my mind. I don't feel that old. I am always reading and trying to get the best information that works for me - I think that is the key to all this. Not one exact diet fits everyone and you have to make decisions that work best for you. Currently, I am in a bit of confusion related to my meds and Type 2 and what is best. I am having good results with my current plan other than I still need to continue to lose weight. Excited to learn from all of you! :thumbup:
    • Welcome Rhalljan! :)

      Make sure your Doctor is on board! I'm not diabetic but from what I've learnt from the members experiences here is that low carb can be so effective it can cause issues with your medications. You may find you need to lower dosages and perhaps eventually even cease a med. If you take blood pressure tablets too then the dosage may need to be changed there as well as ketosis has a duretic effect, so definitely make sure you see your doctor regularly.

      That's great you don't feel 50!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Eating a high-carb diet I'm probably what you'd call a "borderline" type 2 diabetic.

      On low carb I'm fine.

      Some type 2 diabetics are able to come off their medication by losing weight and moderating their carb consumption. You might want to be a little bit careful about how you tell your doctor that you are doing low-carb though.