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    • Hi! I'm new to forums, I've never really thought to go on one. I've been trying to eat LCHF for the last three years, on and off - more so to prevent weight gain rather than excessive loss. Since I'm the only person in my household eating this way, it makes it difficult sometimes to stick with it.

      I'm looking for ways to support my LCHF lifestyle and hopefully replace some meals that my whole family would like. I'm also looking for some baking recipes- and I'm looking for tips on sweeteners. My experience has so far been that they have a horrible aftertaste, strange flavour, or risk of diarrhoea from consuming too much.

      I'm going to peruse the other threads to see if I can find some of those tips! I'd appreciate any pointers on where to look if you know of any!
    • Welcome @TSummers :)

      What sweeteners have you tried?

      I find dinner pretty easy to do Lowcarb, you can always offer a side dish that has carbs such as bread, potatoes or rice.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hello TSummers,

      I just joined and have never been on a site like this, only on FaceBook, so I hope I'm in the right spot to reply to your statement.

      I have just sold my home in north Idaho and staying with my daughters in Arizona and California (summer in AZ too hot).

      My daughter started me on this low carb woe and I can just tell you that she fixes the rest of the family what they are used to, but making them lc where possible. I just pass by the carb foods. I have been on my own for about 18 years so I'm being spoiled not cooking very much.

      I don't know how to use this site for recipes yet, but am wondering if you've tried Pintrest. My daughter uses it all the time.

      My Best Wishes to you on this low carb journey we are on.

      Sher in Calif. U.S.A. at this time :)
    • Welcome Sher :)

      What you wrote just above to Tsummers is known as a ' post' or 'reply'.

      What you have replied to is a 'thread', Tsummers has started this thread and we have replied to it. Let's say you're in a group on Facebook and post a message in the group wanting help for something which people then reply to with answers/support specifically directed to your post. In forum terms you have started a thread. A thread is simply a grouping of your post and it's replies.

      Here is a direct link to our recipe section: Low Carb Recipes

      As you can see it starts off with folders where some recipes have been sorted into categories. If you click on a folder that appeals to you. For example say you're looking for recipe ideas on eggs, you can click on 'Egg Recipes' and it will take you to a section of egg recipes that people have posted as threads. I recommend Shakshuka which I made this morning for breakfast :)

      Underneath the folders, are some more general low carb recipes that didn't quite fit into the above categories. For example a Christmas Recipe thread will have low carb recipes, such as sweet and savoury that fit into various categories so are best kept together in the general section, rather then divided amongst the categories/folders.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.