Junk food industry advertising tactics revealed

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    • Junk food industry advertising tactics revealed

      Junk food industry advertising tactics revealed

      I'm glad that the media is starting to wake up to this. At times it has seemed like the media was swallowing the junk food industry's propaganda hook, line and sinker.

      Another sneaky tactic used by the industry was funding research to “prove” obesity was caused by a lack of exercise.

      “It’s all about deflecting it away from being about what we eat,” Mr Parker said.

      He said junk and fast food companies had an obvious vested interest in boosting sales, but that supermarkets and advertisers also benefited from influencing the public to eat unhealthy, pre-packaged food.

      Mr Parker said the food industry had reached a critical point in its history, and it needed to face up to the health risks associated with its products.

      “If [the food industry] continues to sit there saying we’re great, there’s no problem, it’s all to do with everything else, eventually — suddenly — there will be a switch in public will and then there will be an awful lot of bad regulation happening,” he said.
    • The thing is, it is not just the Fast food industry, it is really any processed food industry.
      I have been served the most horrid crap masquerading as food at small, locally owned cafe's, they make Macca's nuggets look posh cuisine.
      The supermarkets are full of very cheap, very high carb foods.
      Actually I have been amazed how hard it is to just get nice, plain food when eating out, like a salad with a meat (that is not crumbed to death) or covered in a high sugar dressing.
      We have become so dependent on others cooking for us, or doing the good part of the grunt work (add this packet to meat and stir).
      Then add in the sales spin of certain companies that you cannot cook from scratch unless you have a $2000+ machine. I have seen horrible statements from the cult spruikers like "do you know you can make your own dip?!" and people get excited like it was a new concept. I read one cult member who claimed "I thought I was cooking from scratch, but then realised that I was wasn't as I was not making my own butter!" (way to go guilting those that actually cook from scratch). Some may be cooking "heathy" meals with the machine, but others just seem to be churning out treat foods.

      I am always wary of focusing on the obvious. Yes, don't eat fast food (or at least eat it lot less), but that is no good if you just replace it with the home cooked version.
    • Osanna, that is all very true.

      But I think the reason why we are inclined to make/eat what should be treat foods at home is that our tastes have been shifted in that direction by the junk food and processed food industries. Normal, healthy, real food just doesn't taste good any more until you've weaned yourself off all the sugar and other unhealthy additives.