Im back and MORE motivated than EVER!!! 2018 is my YEAR

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    • Im back and MORE motivated than EVER!!! 2018 is my YEAR

      Hey Guys,

      I joined this awesome site over 3 years ago when I started my weightloss journey for our wedding day back in 2015. I was very successful and I lost over 15kgs. I was stoked, I was so happy and was again loving life after having on gained a fair bit of weight when we had a daughter in 2013.

      a couple of weeks before our wedding I found out I was pregnant again and I had very mixed emotions. I was thrilled as I didn't think falling pregnant so quickly would ever happen for us but then I was a bit I don't know frustrated that I was going to gain weight back from being pregnant again. I was very fortunate and I only gained 10kgs throughout the pregnancy and once I had our second bubs I only had to lose 7kgs to get to pre baby weight.

      Moving forward 6-8 months after having bubs, I gained some weight - more because I just didn't have time for myself and prepare my mind and get organised to be successful in another weightloss journey (if that makes sense)

      Time went on a I gained some more, lost some and it was a yoyo effect.
      Jan 2017 I went on a clean eating style diet and I really worked hard to exercise. I really enjoyed it and within 8-9 weeks lost 8kgs.
      Not long after that we went on a family holiday and I sort of relaxed a bit and wasn't so strict with myself... it went on for a bit too long... and then went back to my old weight.

      I become very frustrated because I straight away noticed how unhappy I become. I told myself for a couple of years that when I turn 30, I want to look as great as I did when I was 20...

      So here we are, a year behind but I made a promise to myself that I will make sure that during my year of being 30 I will be the best to myself.

      I have decided to give Bodytrim a go again as I found that worked the best and quickest for me. If anyone has any new tips to send my way - feel free!!!

      I look forward to chatting with you all and here's to 2018

      :) :thumbsup: <3